War Thunder

Let’s help Gaijin finding high rank MBTs for their event rewards

warthunder 4 - Let's help Gaijin finding high rank MBTs for their event rewards

With the Merkava Mk.3D coming for the next event, it will be the 5th high tier reward MBT for the game… 4 of them being in the US tech tree, and 3 Merkavas, and Germany getting the Leopard C2A1 MEXAS.

This is getting kinda boring, and most other tech trees (if not all of them) can get rather exotic reward MBTs without impacting the potential researchable vehicles pool.

So, this post will be my proposals for reward MBTs of Rank 6 of 7 for future events for all nations except USA (they already had enough for now).

I also encourage everyone to share their ideas in the comments and upvote each others to highlight the most intersting vehicles. Remember, this thread will focus on MBTs, so avoid light/recon vehicles, heavies or derp guns.

For my following propositions, I will follow the following rules (you don't have to follow them when sharing your ideas) :

– I will avoid vehicles that could be put at top tier (no BR 10.7 tanks)

– My vehicles will be either prototypes for the nations already in the game, or prototypes/production vehicles from "minor" nations with enough technological or cultural similarities with the tree that would host them.

Most of those vehicles have already been proposed on the War Thunder forums with better sources that I will ever provide, my goal here is to gather potential vehicles for rewards. Anyway, let's go.

  • T-64BM 'Bulat' (USSR/Russia) :

The Bulat is a late 1990s Ukrainian MBT. This is essentially a heavily upgraded Soviet T-64 tank. The main upgrades were the addition of built-in Nozh ERA bricks, as well as a thermal sight for the gunner. The gun is still the same 2A46M-1 125mm smoothbore already well implemented in the USSR tech tree. Being essentially a 2000's tank, it would have access to modern APFSDS rounds. However, the machine would be rather slow compared to other MBTs of the same BR, with only a 850hp diesel engine.

bmbulatmbt - Let's help Gaijin finding high rank MBTs for their event rewards


  • Chieftain 900 (UK) :

A Chieftain Mk.5 upgrade project from the British. The plan was to install a more powerful 900hp engine as well as Chobham armor for the front of the hull and turret. Only 2 prototypes were made with mockup Chobham plates to simulate the new shape of the tank.


  • Olifant series (UK) :

While the Olifant Mk.1 variants are basically 105mm Centurions with minor upgrades, the Olifant Mk.2 offers upgrades for the protection and powertrain of the vehicle, as well as thermal optics, but keeps the 105mm L7 rifled gun.




  • TKX-0001 and other Type 90 prototypes (Japan) :

The multiple protoypes following the developpement of the Type 90 tank. I hightling the TKX-0001 model for its clearly different hull and turret shape.


  • Osorio MBT (France) :

A Brazilian project to develop an MBT, mainly for the export market. The only reason I include it for France is because of its armament : the Giat G1 120mm smoothbore gun. This gun is already in the game and installed on the AMX-32 and AMX-40.


  • AMX-30V (France) :

An export version of the AMX-30 for Venezuela. Just like the AMX-30 Super, it trades its 20mm coaxial autocannon for a M2 12.7mm machinegun and a stabilizer.


  • Strv 105 (Sweden) :

The final Centurion upgrade project from Sweden before switching to German hardware. The Strv 105, compared to the 104, had an upgraded engine and suspentions, as well as new IR optics.


  • Popkun-Ho series (China) :

Improvised North Korean upgrades of T-62 tanks for the early variants and T-72 tanks for the late variants. A mix of Soviet and Chinese tech to make the best possible tank with limited ressources.


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