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M1A2 Hull Armour incorrect – Sources and Reasoning inside.

warthunder 3 - M1A2 Hull Armour incorrect - Sources and Reasoning inside.

Hi everyone, I'd like to preface that this isn't a discussion on whether correct implementation would be "balanced" for the game. I firmly believe the M1A1HA would have been the better choice, with that out of the way;

Gaijins latest devblog made it clear to me they genuinely believe that the new M1A2 for some reason does not improve the hull armour as well as keeps the shells limited to M829 (I agree with this). While Gaijin has stated they do use shells to modify balance they claim they do not adjust armour for balance they move tanks around.

So firstly let's get into the nitty gritty The M1A1AIM was an upgrade of the M1A1 done in 2009 to bring the M1A1 up to factory new setting with M1A2 armour standards. And definitely includes depleted Uranium hull armour as sourced by the Congressional Budget Office a federal agency of the US government.

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While the AIM is newer as of 2000 it is the "latest generation M1A1" tank in US Army inventory. The next piece of evidence comes from the US Army's NRC document from 2006 touted often to disprove the M1A1HA has standard Heavy Armour in the hull as it states "Only 5 currently do". This document does not make comment on the M1A2 except that the M1A2 has the same protection as the latest Generation M1A1 i.e. the M1A1AIM.

It states that the M1A2 SEP2 is the next step program where they seek to improve the Abrams further though in 2006 the SEP program was not yet the M1A2C (SEP3) and there is no reports stating that the 1999 SEP 1 integrated extra armour and focused only on Digital Systems improvements. Further it goes on to say the current management procedures for transporting Hulls and Turrets armoured with DU is to mark the container in accordance with UN policy.


Now onto ye old "Swedish document" that people bring up, people like to say the US wouldn't give export armour to a friendly nation this isn't true. See


The document above from July this year clearly states Taiwan would receive "export" armour. Taiwan is a vital strategic partner that US foreign policy see's as vital to containing the Chinese in a similar way that the US saw the Swedes as vital at halting Soviet influence and yet they are sending them M1A2T's with export armour and the Swedes got the real deal? Not a chance. If we were adding the "Swedebrams" premium sure, but we are not.

The discussion on "what" the armour values would be is different but the M1A2 in game is increasingly looking like a Frankenstein of the M1A1HA (which we 100% does not have HA in the hull except 5 done as proof of concepts) and the M1A2 in the form of commanders binoculars thermals and being slower.

What the actual thickness should be since Gaijin tends to use lower estimates is likely 420-450 would be likely (putting it roughly on par with the A5) with Zagola's higher estimate being 600mm. I honestly do not think that 450 Hull-600 Turret would be game breaking however!

If people are so hesitant to see the M1A2 the M1A1HA exists as the middle ground tank as it would essentially be this tank except with the same M1A1 hull and the vehicle that we should have gone to this patch.

If you have any questions or observations please add, if you do have critique please source them.

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