War Thunder

MandolinMagi’s Manual Dump Two (T-160 Manual!!)

warthunder 1 - MandolinMagi's Manual Dump Two (T-160 Manual!!)

And I'm back with more manuals.

TM 9-213A 20mm T160/.60cal T130 1952

TM 9-1907 Ballistic Data 1948

TM 9-1950 Rockets (1945 edition)

TM 9-1425-484-10 M47 Dragon 1979

TC 23-24-1 Firing the Dragon from the M113



It is interesting to note that the T160/T130 can be switched back and forth by changing out some parts, so F-86F-2 could get that as an upgrade. Also the weapon does not have a tracer round in either caliber. 20mm has API, HEI, and TP as authorized rounds, .60cal has API, I, and Ball. .60cal uses the exact same casing necked down and uses the same link as 20mm. Given the round is 1/3rd lighter, you should get higher velocity.

Also, it is charged using .30 Carbine M8 grenade cartridges


TM 9-1907 is fairly technical, the ballistics nerds should enjoy it.


Dragon manual is not that interesting but still informative.


Also have the 1949 edition of FM 23-30 Hand And Rifle Grenades but haven't uploaded it yet.


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