War Thunder

Megathread: Operation S.U.M.M.E.R Week 2

warthunder 6 - Megathread: Operation S.U.M.M.E.R Week 2

6808 special operation s u m m e r 2020 en - Megathread: Operation S.U.M.M.E.R Week 2
Operation S.U.M.M.E.R has been observed to be well and truly in effect.

We have set up camp just outside the first reported vehicle drop zone. A few of our members have gone missing on the road here but we were forced to cut our search time short to maintain the scheduled arrival here.

The matchmaker has been set to brace for impact as the weather report predicts a heavy rain of Ar 196 A-3, Infanterikanonvagn 73, and Freccia P-493.

Furthermore, recent storms seen forming around Mount Top Tier has gotten the ground specialists worried as that is where the rumored Leopard C2A1 resides. We can only hope that it remains unscathed as the storm rages over its home.

Moving forward, the path ahead appears even more treacherous but our scouts report sightings of the ultimate prize.

– Grind Team Oscar Week 1 Report as recieved by Gaijin HQ.

Air Stars (Minimum Tier 3)

  • Destroy 40 enemies in AB (20 in RB, 14 in SB).

  • Win 10 battles ending in a plane with an activity of 60% or higher.

  • Drop 10 tons of Bomb TNT on enemy bases in total.

  • Destroy 11 enemies in one battle (4 in RB, 2 in SB).

  • Help allies 10 times to destroy enemy vehicles.

Ground Stars (Minimum Tier 3)

  • Destroy 50 enemies.

  • Win 14 battles ending in a tank with an activity of 70% or higher.

  • Capture 15 points in ground battles whilst controlling a ground vehicle or helicopter.

  • Destroy 12 enemies in one battle (6 in RB, 6 in SB).

  • Help allies 30 times to destroy enemy vehicles.

Naval Stars (Minimum Tier 2)

  • Cause 25,000 damage whilst controlling a naval vessel.

  • Win 8 battles in Naval AB / RB ending in any type of vehicle with an activity of 50% or higher.

  • Capture 7 points in naval battles whilst controlling a vessel or aircraft.

  • Destroy 3 enemies with torpedoes whilst controlling a vessel or aircraft.

  • Finish the battle in first place in naval battles.

You need 3 out of 5 tasks done for each star in each category Air / Ground / Naval.

Tasks reset every 2 days for new stars.

Completing more than is required for a task does not roll over to the next or previous star's task.

Only player vehicles count. No farming AI for kills. This also counts for naval, which is pain.

You can follow your progress by clicking on your nickname → Achievements → Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.

Stars that have their designated period of grinding surpassed by the slow and inevitable march of time can not be grinded and must be bought using GE (Golden Eagles, premium currency).

Each Star costs 1000 GE ($6.6 USD). No reduction in cost if tasks are partially done. You either get the star for free or buy it full price.

Before we start!

  • Please use the applicable mode tags to preface your opinions on a certain gameplay element! Vehicle performance differs greatly across modes like Arcade to Sim, so an opinion for one mode may be completely invalid for another!

  • Do not downvote based on disagreement! Downvotes are reserved for comments you'd rather not see at all because they have no place here.

  • Consider using the suggested sort of New. There's plenty of new and quite often repetative questions being asked or redirected here. Help the newbies out on this age old biannual grind tradition.

Previous Megathread:

  • Week 1. (Stars 1 – 4)

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