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Misconception: Has Gaijin Removed GE from packs on-sale?

warthunder 2 - Misconception: Has Gaijin Removed GE from packs on-sale?

Short answer, No.

There seems to be a widespread misconception spreading around that Gaijin has attempted to cheat their playerbase by removing GE from packs that went on sale during Victory Day.

This is simply not true. These packs never had GE in the first place.

The packs that were all put on sale (apart from the vehicles that are being removed, which do have golden eagles included, by the way) are from the Weapons of Victory update 1.70, in which they celebrated Victory Day by adding premium "ace" vehicles for each allied nation. If we navigate to Gaijin's initial news post back in May of 2015:

3071  en - Misconception: Has Gaijin Removed GE from packs on-sale?

You'll see all the original packs from this update. Note that none of them have any golden eagles included in them. Just the vehicle and 15 days of premium time. These packs were originally released without any golden eagles.

If you still believe that Gaijin somehow decided to revise their 2015 article in order to further deceive their playerbase, I have some more evidence for you.

In this news article talking about the new premium vehicles:


You can see the journalist mentioning that each pack contains the vehicle and 15 days of premium. Golden eagles are never mentioned to be included in the pack.

There's also video evidence of this fact:


Jim Chamberlin did a video on Golovachev's Yak 9M (one of those weapons of victory vehicles) and at around 0:35 he talks about the content of the pack, in which he mentions that the pack contains the Yak and 15 days of premium, again leaving out the golden eagles.

In 2016, many of the Weapons of Victory packs were removed from the store, leaving only Prendergast's Spitfire and the P-47M for purchase afterwards, possibly because they were more unique than the rest. Then, in 2018, the Prendergast was removed as well, leaving the P-47M as the sole survivor of these packs. Note that the P-47M (and Prendergasts if you remember back then) pack does not contain eagles, only 15 days of premium. This was because it was one of the Weapons of Victory premiums, and did not include golden eagles. Even during the 2018 Summer Sale, when I picked up Prendergast's, I did not get any golden eagles, only 15 days of premium. This was contrary to the Ki-87, which was also on sale that time, where I got 1000 GE along with premium time.

Gaijin may have done some scummy things in the past involving sales and such, but this time they are clean. The weapons of victory bundles have never contained GE in the first place, and Gaijin has not removed them to suck out more profits.

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