War Thunder

Missile Summary

warthunder 5 - Missile Summary

A summary for simplifing searches for you all (I hope so) and get the point of the whole situation.

I really hope it will be useful for who missed! 

Here I've collected everything I've found (rumors, leaks, datamines, ecc…) about the high possibility for AA missiles (we all know they'll come, GJ even admit it), and even something about their relative countermeasures.

If you got something that I've missed or I was wrong about, please let me know and feel free to correct me

  • FAQ on Rank VI Aviation Discussion Thread on WarThunder Forum

Q: But but! Wouldn't missiles be "Fire-and-Forget" in War Thunder?

A: That would be the case if we ever see planes beyond rank 6. For rank 6 aviation, we will have second and possibly early third generation aircraft which had early missiles. According to this book, "Dirty Little Secrets of the Vietnam War", missiles in Vietnam were still under development stage and had an accuracy of no more than 30%. Even the AIM-9B Sidewinder variant was very bad. Headons with m issiles were not possible either. Pilots had to keep maneuvering accurately with the enemy aircraft to keep the missile locked, and even then a simple flat turn made the missiles miss.


rocket_launcher_mark36_srboc, rocket_mk_182

Chaff and decoy dispensers used to counter homing anti-ship missiles.

Maybe they will introduce chaff even for planes/heli ?


  • 1.81 Devserver datamine on Sep 6 2018 by u/Rexmendy


"HUD_MISSILE_WARNING";"The rocket is launched"

"HUD/IR_MISSILE_STANDBY";"IR missile standby"

"HUD/IR_MISSILE_LOCK";"IR target locked"

"HUD/IR_MISSILE_TRACK";"IR missile tracking"


  • Igla Missile in 1.81 Devserver datafiles on Sep 15 2018 – published by u/Iron_physik – credits to Maverick966


  • Q&A on Nov 9 2018

Q. Is it possible that helicopters will receive air-to-air missiles in the future?

A. Yes, we think it may be possible and we are testing the functionality at the moment.


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  • Devserver datamine on Dec 4 2018 by u/kololz

















If you got something that I've missed or I was wrong about, please let me know and feel free to correct me!

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