War Thunder

Mod Team Addition – Flair Rules Update & Community Statistics

warthunder 7 - Mod Team Addition - Flair Rules Update & Community Statistics

Happy Monday Warthunder !

We would like to introduce you to our newest member of the team:
AssistantBOT - Mod Team Addition - Flair Rules Update & Community Statistics/u/AssistantBOT or Artemis as he likes to be called. He will be enforcing flairs on the sub going forward via notifications and PM's, as well as compiling additional Community Statistics.

  1. Artemis will send the Submitter a PM if there is No Flair assigned after a 5 minute grace period, notifying them that the post has been Removed until a flair is applied.

  2. Flairs can be applied manually as usual, or you can choose one of the Flair options Artemis will give you via PM, and He will take care of it!

  3. Submissions are monitored by Artemis for 24hrs, until a flair is chosen, or the post is deleted completely. Whichever comes first.


Hey there,

Thanks for your submission to Warthunder! This is a friendly reminder that the moderators of this community have asked for all posts in Warthunder to have a post flair – in other words, a relevant tag or category.

You can select a flair for your submission by:

The following post flairs are available on Warthunder:

  • Flair 1
  • Flair 2
  • Meme

Post flairs help keep Warthunder organized and allow our subscribers to easily sort through the posts they want to see. Please contact the mods of Warthunder if you have any questions. Thank you very much, and have a great day!

"But what do I really need to do when Submitting?"

For the last time it will ever need to be said: Flair your post!


If you take more than 5 minutes, the bot will spring into action.

Community Statistics

Artemis will provide information about the number of posts Warthunder receives and their flairs. That information is gathered and saved in a statistics page, organized by month for ease of viewing (newest first). It will also provide the total number of posts Warthunder receives per month.

Artemis also incorporates data from u/Stuck_In_the_Matrix's Pushshift data for statistics (check it out at r/Pushshift). This data is used to retrieve data on the most frequent submitters and commentors to your subreddit each month, as well as provide aggregate statistics on how many daily submissions and comments the community receives per month.

Check out
r/ChineseLanguage's live statistics page here for an example.

I guess we can all

, as users will be able to see the Top 3 most popular Users, Submissions, and flair types…

Eventually warthunder statistics will be available HERE and will be updated at midnight UTC. A familiar time for many Meme enthusiasts, and confusing to an unfortunate large number as well.

/u/AssistantBOT is produced by /u/kungming2, more information is available Here on Artemis' page, and in their FAQ and I would like to personally thank them for leaving me without a purpose in life.

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