War Thunder

Moronic Monday- Your “Weekly” Stupid Questions Thread- 10th Edition

warthunder 6 - Moronic Monday- Your "Weekly" Stupid Questions Thread- 10th Edition

Most of you know the drill this is where you ask the questions you were too afraid to ask otherwise because you thought we would mock you. (Still might.)

Please tag your post , , and relevant Air/Ground/Naval so people don't have to make you look silly and/or play Twenty Questions to figure out what you might be on about.

Make sure you have read the Official Wiki first, the thread is not supposed to be a replacement to a basic Google search. Annnddd we're off!

P.S.: Don't forget to sort by 'New' so every stupid question gets an stupid answer of its very own!

I'll lurk to catch any unanswered questions.

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  • Wednesday: Part 2 Electric Boogaloo

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  • Actually on Monday Edition


Coming Soon: Rant Wednesday.

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