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My Friend’s Situation with Gaijin ATM

warthunder 2 - My Friend's Situation with Gaijin ATM

My friend last year bought multiple packs and bundles from Victory Day Allied Bundles and discounts period. His credit card had charged back (security reason because who buys this big amount of stuff in one go online?) and he had a situation where he had to rebuy the total debt in GE bundles (~$400 which is the total of the bundles and packs that got charged back) and he got to keep the vehicles and premium time.

A couple of days ago Gaijin came knocking and decided to remove the vehicles, premium time, and some golden eagles from his account. They state that this is due to them not removing the bundles completely last year.

Should my friend be entitled to keep the bundles (GE, vehicles, premium time) due to him repaying the debt in full (which stated before is the total of the charged back bundles and packs)?

EDIT: This is very similar to this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warthunder/comments/cblhd4/gaijin_stole_7448_from_me_and_refuses_to_give_the/ which is just to show you what they do.

EDIT 2: They have said this:

"Prior to making purchases which were required to cover your monetary debt and unblock your account, we specified that said debt was a result of several chargebacks for special vehicle packs and GE packs on your account.


The very concept of chargeback implies that its requester receives funds spent for goods, but those goods have to be returned to seller. In your case, you returned money for a virtual licence to obtain and use certain vehicles and GE in the game. Therefore, said licence had to be voided during the chargeback process. Alas, that did not happen within a correct time frame due to a minor server issue. However, when we found out about the very existence of such an issue on our servers, our developers fixed it which immediately cancelled your virtual licence for items that were charged back. And as soon as this happened, your GE balance went to a negative value which is equal to the amount of extra GE you have had spent to that moment over the amount of GE you actually paid for.

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In such circumstances, players are not supposed to spend the extra gold and should contact us as soon as they see extra GE and vehicles on their accounts. We suppose, by the time of repaying the debt you got confused about what has had to stay on your account and which goods had to be taken back, and that's why you never noticed that something was a bit off with your account, so you completely unintentionally continued spending extra gold and using unpaid vehicles.

We considered your case and in the given situation we have decided to reset your GE balance to neutral '0' value and unblock your account since it was our server issue which may have caused said confusion. All items and services paid with extra GE within the game are going to stay on your account untouched. However, your account will not be reverted to its state prior to the cancellation of the licence for the charged back items as said items were not repurchased de facto but were replaced with other goods of the same monetary value.

We hope this outcome will suit you. Take our apologies for the inconvenience."

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