War Thunder

My Idea to improve the missile warning in T6 air.

warthunder 2 - My Idea to improve the missile warning in T6 air.

Anyone who already played in high tier jets in 1.85 knows this, you fly along minding your own business and suddenly a big red text punches you in the face: "ENEMY MISSILE INCOMING!!" it is there, ugly, in the middle of your monitor. HOWEVER, you stay calm and make a short turn to dodge the missile. You are happy that your plane is saved, but the player that launched the missile is annoyed because he managed to set up a missile shot and got shafted by the big red text.

Missiles themself are not very good due to this red menace that is the missile warning. So I came up with a idea to improve it;

1. Remove the big red text

2. Give the player a audio warning in the style of our radio friend screaming "you've got a hole in your left wing" but this time he screams "you've got a missile on your tail"

The idea is that the missile warning ONLY gets triggered when the enemy plane is spotted by a team mate at the time of launch. So when nobody is around to see the launch then no warning is issued.


Replacing the big red text by a spoken warning via radio is a good idea, but it is very easy to miss. That's why I also would still keep a written warning BUT let it be in the small white text at the bottom of the screen where also messages like "flaps raised" or "guns jammed" appear. And let it be just 1 word: Missile! This is a non evasive way to warn the player besides said audio.

Also; this warning is only issued when

• The player looks at the missile directly.

• The enemy firing the missile is spotted by a team mate.

This way you still have a warning, but this warning is much more realistic and it still rewards players who actively look around.  It also makes missiles alot more effective and does not punish players who set up a surprise missile shot.


Replace big red text by a spoken warning via radio and keep a small white text saying "Missile!" In a easy to miss spot at the bottom of the screen.

These warnings only appear when you:

•see the enemy directly by looking at him (Time delay 1-2 seconds)

•A team mate spots the enemy and sees the launch (Time delay 3-5 seconds)

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