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My thoughts on the battlefield engineer event, and how it could be better. (And why Gaijin stands to profit long term from fixing it, based on warframes model.)

warthunder 6 - My thoughts on the battlefield engineer event, and how it could be better. (And why Gaijin stands to profit long term from fixing it, based on warframes model.)

General Impressions

As an event, battlefield engineer is fucked. The grind is way too much for less then two weeks, and any objectives other then being a cash grab will fail.

Why it fails as an event.

Mandating a specific grind that takes 50-60 hours over a little under two weeks is going to create four cases for players.

  • Players who are furious because no reward is worth what they went through.

  • Players who are furious because they went through a part time jobs worth of time in a worse version of your game (As the tactics this event encourages do make the game genuinely worse.)

  • Players who are happy that they could earn so much GJN ripping off case 4.

  • Players who were willing to pay any amount of money to get the rewards without grinding.

This might be intentional, but it is still terrible if it is intentional. Regardless, this crunches like this lead to burnout, and this burnout will eventually start to cut into your player counts, which will make your game become increasingly irrelevant.

Where the rewards need to be reworked.

Giving out extra rewards to the top player encourages really toxic ways of playing, as everyone is playing gimmie gimmie for that top spot.

Instead, the extra rewards need to be tuned so that each of the best in show metals (Most air to air kills, best AA, most ground to ground, best squad,) is a source of the bonus trophies, such that all players who filled their respective role best are making reasonable progress on their current construction.

Why an untimed version of this might not suck.

A big grind in a massive binge sucks, but having vehicle repairs like this as a long term goal might not be that bad, especially if this was used to add extra value to daily login rewards.

This event would not be getting the vitriol it is getting if we had a month for the same grind, or any given window of time to complete the vehicle repairs, as it stops being a immeasurable force of massive pressure. It stops being a force that pushes us to burnout.

Instead, it becomes a reminder to play a little bit, on a regular basis. Especially if extra part drops were added to the first battle fought each day with a given battle activity.

This extra daily opportunity to make progress towards meta objectives at your own pace, or provide helpful services to other players is something that could be made a positive experience, and a reason to keep playing.

However, as long as this is a timed binge, it will remain a short term cash grab that will hurt the game for the long haul.


What gaijin has to get out of making the event run for a reasonable window of time, with reasonable rewards.

(Note: This bit is to gaijin, but it uses warframe as an example.)

Yes, there would be less pressure on us to torture ourselves over a week working to earn you (gaijin's) dollar, but at the same time, community burnout will eventually come back to bite you.

Instead, you need to look at the players-providing other players premium services model of a much healthier free to play game: Warframe.

There, DE has made it so players on the casual-hobbiest level are easily capable of providing premium services to other players using common activities which are often not very different from what they were already planning on doing: It feels good to find items which other players are willing to play plat for just by playing casually, and because there is no time crunch, warframe players are far less likely to burn out playing with that games respective market.

While I am playing your event, I want to do that days sortie, I want to list things on DE's community markets, and even though that game has lost most of its challenge, I still want to play it.

You (still gaijin) want us players to have an enjoyable hobby of taking advantage of your games whales, just like we warframe players have developed in reasonably healthy capacity (I say reasonably, because the whales still are on a doubtable scale of healthy, but the F2P'ers definitely can be.)

It makes you money.

If done with a proper implementation, it could earns you good will, as opposed to the hate the timed crunch has earned you.
Goodwill leads to playercounts, and playercounts keep the game alive.

Closing out.

I get that this event has probably made it so you never want to see anything like this again, and that is because the approach taken to giving us this is an abuse of our desire for timed shiny things.

Regardless, imagine if at any time, you could start a project like the repairs we have now, and could complete it at your own pace, earning something you want, while being able to profit from the actions of the games base of whales as you go.

That could actually be nice.

Fixing the event won't fix the short term fury gaijin has earned, but at the very least, it is a start.

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