War Thunder

– Out Sourced studios that created the models found in game –

warthunder 4 - - Out Sourced studios that created the models found in game -

Gaijin out sources their model work to many studios, many of which can be found on
www.artstation - - Out Sourced studios that created the models found in game -https://www.artstation.com/. I am creating this post to hopefully cover all the studios in name to give some generally unknown knowledge to new comers and old comers to the game.

https://www.artstation.com/artvostok/albums/1422358 ArtVostok is a Siberian based Studio that created many of the in game ground forces models but it isn't know as to how many they have created as some of the models they listed date back to 2014 but have only recently been released on their ArtStation, the known models they have created are the Tiger H1, T95, M42 Duster, T-80B, BegleitPanzer 57, T-35, M551 Sheridan, Sherman M4A4, M56 Scorpion, Tetrarch MK1, and the Katyusha Truck. As for Aircraft, they have created the Horten Ho-229 and the J2M3 Raiden. Many car props found in game have also been created by them.

https://www.artstation.com/room8studio Room8Studio is a Los Angeles based studio that has created many of the Air forces models found in game, their ArtStation page does not directly have any portfolio listed of their work but it can nonetheless still be found on ArtStation, the known vehicles they air vehicles they have created are the TU-14T, SwordFish Mk1, Martin B-10B, P-61, Halifax(Listed as just Halifax), HE-111, DO-335, P-38, A26C, Yak-30D, XA-38, P43-A1, A26B, and the Sunderland. Interesting enough they have also created a high poly and detailed version of a Lancaster Turret and a very detailed prop engine. As for props, it's known that they have created the 8.8 CM flak cannon found throughout many maps.


https://www.artstation.com/digitalforms2018 Digitalforms is a Russian based studio that have created several models varying between naval and ground forces vehicles to some props like some small fishing boats, prop cars, the train found on the American Desert map, and the destroyed buildings that can be found on many maps like Advance to the Rhine and Berlin. As for the in game naval and ground forces models, it is known that they have created the Churchill (Just listed as Churchill), Flakpanzer Gepard, T55A, HMS Grafton (H89), and the HMAS Nepal (G25/D14) – Listed as such.

Gaijin has also outsourced their work to individuals as well, such as the M48A2GA2 created by
Aslan Zhaparov and the art that is seen in game and on other War Thunder media was created by
foton 3 - - Out Sourced studios that created the models found in game -Alex Kim
, Olivi, Dima "Bibikirus", and Goran Bukvic. Some props such as crates of fruit and wood barrels which can be found on certain maps were created by
Maksim Isakov.

I made this post to just put this information out their, I'm sure someone has made a post about this before but I couldn't find one which listed all of the out sourced studios and folk who have had a major hand in creating this game that many of us play despite it's flaws.

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