War Thunder

Permanent RBEC is needed

warthunder 3 - Permanent RBEC is needed

In my time of playing mid tier air RB as the US I’ve noticed a trend.

It’s fu*king old.

Here’s how it goes: -US spawns in -Literally anything spawns in -3 US side climbers -Still get outclimbed -Final 2 minutes of match is the 3 sideclimbers VS the entire enemy team -US loses -Repeat except for when the enemy is full of turds

The current meta of the game is basically if you climb better you win better. This is alright if everyone were evenly matched, however currently the US seems to be the slowest to climb nation in the game. This makes for a situation where the US has trouble competing against a remotely competent enemy team.

My proposal to fix this is to make enduring confrontation a permanent mode for air RB in the events tab.

Having this in game would make for longer more rewarding matches, along with making certain vehicles less turdly. Of course adjustments would have to be made for bombers and such (including maybe the maps themselves), and I believe the best way to do this is to bring back the old mid air resupply points we saw in the World War mode test. With bombers being able to resupply after a certain timer and sortie out again without having to change altitude, and with the way EC works, space climbing wouldn’t be as annoying or game breaking.

Just my opinion on how to make alternate options to the current rinse and repeat gameplay of air RB.

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