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Please fix the current J7W1

warthunder 4 - Please fix the current J7W1

For those that know me from discord, you've probably know that the J7W is one of my, if not, the favorite prop plane in the game (the whole reason i started to grind the japanese aviation tech tree was because of this plane), and while flying it out, and with help from a friend, I've found out quite alot of things that, either don't make sense, are wrong, or are just unrealistic:

  1. The flaps don't help with positive G turns, but negative G turns;
  2. While they do help with negative G turns, its a very slight change (to check how little lift these actually provide, just rip the left/right flaps while the oposite side stays on, and you will notice that, unlike other planes, the lift generated is minimal);
  3. Any hit to the nose will either make it fall off, or lose the pitch controls (which, due to how bad the flaps are,will guarantee your death);
  4. You have to be extremely careful when landing because the slightest hard hit to your nose will make it fall off (another point to the fragility of this 5,000 kilogram aircraft, especially on the nose area);
  5. Any damage to the wings (except extremely light damage, or in the inner part of the wing) will make your plane enter a flap spin when you turn;
  6. The front wings (the canards) are just completely incorrect, except when it comes to the general shape;
  7. The fuel tanks are a complete fire hazard, despite having 22mm of rubber protecting them (something the japanese learned from a crashed B-29) and, if I am not mistaken, a CO2 fire extinguisher system;
  8. The engine has 2026 HP instead of the 2130 HP it was rated at (not really sure if it's because of some problem, but I've always found that wierd, I could be wrong about this one though);

The plane is so poorly modeled compared to how it should be irl, that, if you ignore the top speed and the general shape of the plane, there's only 1 thing that is correctly modeled, and that is the armor of the plane which is 16.5mm of steel in front of the guns, and 70mm of bulletproof glass protecting the pilot (the reason I didn't mention the armament is because while the name of the guns, the Type 5 30mm, is correct, ingame Ho-155s and Type 5s are just a mixture of the best qualities of both guns, the fire rate of the Ho 155 + the muzzle velocity and explosive of the Type 5). This plane, although it is more than 4 years old by now, it seems like the model came last update with how incorrect and unrealistic it is.

Now, me and my friend (KruddyKamiKaze) have looked through the internet, and have found quite alot of things to prove this arguement that the J7W is extremely poorly modeled, namely, this Forum post that was archived in the 1st of June 2015 (which is just another way of saying that the devs know about it), which would explain why the flaps are so weak:
&ct=1569937035 - Please fix the current J7W1


In fact, the reason the flaps don't work is (and this is why i mentioned that the front wing is just entirely wrong) because the plane is missing half of it's flaps in the game, in fact, this explains why when you are pitching up, the pitch controler looks like a fowler flap extending backwards: because it is one, and it is modeled incorrectly:

And while you might say that "It's a diagram, and there's no proof of this", well, the same post has this picture to show you
atAPBio - Please fix the current J7W1

http://i.imgur.com/atAPBio.png where you can clearly see the flaps (as the control surface is actually split in 2) and a slight little line where the main wing disconnects to the leading edge slats, which is shown in the top right.

This also shows that for the past 4 years, the devs have known that the plane is poorly modeled (atleast the canards are), in fact, the post has proof from various diagrams showing it's poorly modeled, and yet, not a single action has been made to fix this problem.

My friend has also told me that the aileron used for the J7W in the game is symmetrical, which would explain the awful AoA, although we can't be sure until gaijin says so.

He then sent some of his data to gaijin, and this is the discord message he sent me when he got the response
historically accurate - Please fix the current J7W1


The funny thing is that the P-51H is historically accurate, but it's 6.3 when it's better than the Spitfire Mk 24 in everyway except turn and roll rate… But that's beside the point.

I just wanted to let you guys know that this is a problem, and that, dispite being known by gaijin, hasn't been fixed for 4 years because, aparently, it wouldn't be balanced.

EDIT: KrudyKamiKaze has sent me some photos from Xplane11 on how the flaps should look like with the different flap settings (each group of 3 photos is from the same angle with different flap settings, with the 1st of each being at no flaps, and the 3rd one being with full flaps):

  1. J7W1 1 - Please fix the current J7W1
  2. J7W1 2 - Please fix the current J7W1
  3. J7W1 3 - Please fix the current J7W1
  4. J7W1 4 - Please fix the current J7W1
  5. J7W1 5 - Please fix the current J7W1
  6. J7W1 6 - Please fix the current J7W1
  7. J7W1 7 - Please fix the current J7W1
  8. J7W1 8 - Please fix the current J7W1
  9. J7W1 9 - Please fix the current J7W1
  10. J7W1 10 - Please fix the current J7W1
  11. J7W1 11 - Please fix the current J7W1
  12. J7W1 12 - Please fix the current J7W1

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