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PSA: the Leopard A1A1 L/44’s DM13 is (marginally) worse than the regular A1A1’s DM23

warthunder 3 - PSA: the Leopard A1A1 L/44's DM13 is (marginally) worse than the regular A1A1's DM23

Ever since it was announced that the Leopard A1A1s would be moving down to 8.7, the recurring complaint I've seen tossed around the forums and this sub are that the A1A1 L/44 specifically shouldn't be at 8.7, exclusively because of its armament.

In truth, the regular Leopard A1A1's DM23 is actually the superior dart. It has better 60 degree penetration and, more importantly, better normalization: using the T-64A as a comparison, this is how the Leopard A1A1 L/44's DM13 dart performs, vs this for the regular Leopard A1A1's DM23 dart. Pay attention to the effective armor they both meet: 243mm vs 283mm for the 105 and 120, respectively. Granted the T-64A is obviously an easy target for both darts, I just chose it as a baseline for the comparison.

Now, the L/44 also gets access to a very good HEATFS shell, but I would argue the darts are the superior munition for most targets because of their higher velocity and more reliable damage, the tanks should be compared mainly on their dart performance. The HEATFS is only really an advantage in full uptier situations against targets like the T-64B, and even then you might get trolled if they've unlocked ERA.

The reason for pointing this out is not to suggest the Leopard A1A1s are, or are not, balanced at 8.7. It's just to rebuke the suggestion that the Leopard A1A1 L/44 should be a higher BR than the regular A1A1 solely because people think its armament is so much better, when in reality the L/44 is more of a sidegrade (marginally worse dart pen, higher velocity, good HEATFS, slightly heavier, worse zoom). And for the record, I don't own an L/44, so this isn't a "pls don't nerf my tank" post.

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