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General information

PTL-02 is a Chinese wheeled tank destroyer based on the WZ-551, also known as the ZSL-92. For all intents and purposes, it is a WZ-551 with a turret mounting the smoothbore 100mm Type 86 anti tank gun, itself a copy of the T-12 anti-tank gun in Soviet service. It is capable of firing rounds such as the Type 86 APFSDS with a tungsten penetrator at a muzzle velocity of 1,610 m/s with an effective range of 1,800 m. There is also a Type 73 HE-FS and Type 73 HEAT-FS round, with 900 m/s and 1,010 m/s velocity respectively. It is equipped with night vision, as well as a stabilizer, as used on the Type 88 MBT, as well as a 7.62 and 12.7mm machine gun for anti-aircraft defense. There is also a variant with a 105mm gun, but information is somewhat scarce, and it seems the 100mm version is much more common.

Type 86 Anti Tank Gun

Brief history of the base vehicle

The WZ-551 appeared back in 1984 at the National Day of the People's Republic of China Day, a day celebrating the founding of the PRC, as the Type 90. This vehicle was found to be unsuitable, owing to its underpowered engine and poor cross country capability at higher altitudes. Eventually, these were worked out and it entered service as the Type 92, also known as the WZ-551A. There were a few variants of this vehicle, the most radical of which being the PTL-02, as well as one with 4 HJ-9 ATGMs on top, a variant with TY-90 air to air missiles with radar and a thermal tracking site, and one I suggested previously, the WZ-551B, with the same 25mm cannon found on the ZSD-63 in game. This latter variant would very likely be used in the same role as the R3 T20 FA-HS, being an armored car, but it has high elevation angles for aircraft defense, however I am hoping it will be put higher than the R3 is, so as not to stoke the flames.


Why should it be in game, and where?

This is not really a necessary vehicle per say, as China does have the ZTL-11, however, I think this would be a good compliment to the tech tree at around 8.3 or 8.7. Not only would this put it in well with the other tanks at this battle rating, such as the T-62, Type 69, Type 69 II-G, ZTZ59D1 (please move it to 8.7 in arcade gaijin), and the M60A3 TTS, as well as hopefully the PGZ-88 and PTZ-89. This gives China a well armed armored car similar to other nations, such as the Centauro and AMX-10 RC, while also providing a predecessor to the ZTL-11 and Taiwanese CM-32 assault gun variant, also with a 105mm. I also feel like it would give China another step towards being its own unique tree from tier 5 and onwards, rather than just the funny censorship copy and paste nation.


PTL-02s on an exercise


Crew: 5

FCS: Type 37A dual-axis stabilized fire control system

Combat weight: 19 tonnes

Dimension: (Length) ?; (width) 6.70m; (height without AAMG) 2.90m

Anti-NBC: Collective

Fire-Suppression System: Yes

Engine: BF8L413F, 320 hp

Maximum Speed: (Road) 80km/h

Armament: 100mm Type 86, 12.7mm QJC88A, 7.62mm Type 86 (just in case you thought the American M designations could be confusing)

Muzzle Velocity: 1,610m/s

Firing Range: 1.8 ~ 13.705km

Rate of Fire: 8~10 rounds/min

Loading system: Manual

Fire Control: Type 37A light-spot, with night vision and laser rangefinder

Smoke Grenade: 2 sets of 4-barrel launchers

Onboard Ammunition Load: 100mm x30, 12.7mm x480, 7.62mm x800

Crew layout, it should be noted this image does not include the loader or the 5th crew member.

Bonus Images for anyone who is still reading.





This is actually an export variation called the WMA301! It features a different turret, using a wedge shaped front, rather than the domestic Chinese flat one. It is currently in service with Cameroon, Chad, Djibouti and Myanmar.

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