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Quick PSA – statcards in War Thunder are extremely wrong

warthunder 2 - Quick PSA - statcards in War Thunder are extremely wrong

So actually I'm making this post after making a comparison between I-185(M-71) and Fw190A-5/U2. A lot of people said that my numbers are incorrect and that I am lying to prove my point. One person literally posted a statcard of a stock plane, which was supposed to prove me wrong. Call me a wehraboo, whatever, I don't care, but using statcards against me and thinking you're on top is not happenning.

KspDoggy - Quick PSA - statcards in War Thunder are extremely wrong

u/KspDoggy this one is especially for you.


To give you some background, I have started playing WT in 2012, I have researched and purchased every single plane in British, Russian, German, American, Italian and Japanese tech tree. Back in 2014-2016 I was deeply involved with other nerds like me, we would spend countless hours testing aircraft – top speed, climbrate, acceleration, turntime, roll rate, maneouvering energy retention, we even had a table with Oswald number for US and German props. I know a thing or two about testing aircraft.

Ever since the game was released, the statcards were inaccurate. If you ask me, not even Gaijin knows where these numbers come from. Listed top speed at given altitude is always wrong, the optimal altitude is also wrong. I have no idea what the methodology is for testing the turntime – what altitude, speed, engine power, flaps setting – only Gaijin might know this(although I doubt it).

There was a theory at some point that the climbrate listed on a statcard is one running 100% engine power(not WEP) and full fuel – however it is very easy to refute.

Also I'd like to warn people who want to test aircraft themselves – make sure you do it properly before you say someone is wrong. In order to properly test an aircraft you must own it, have it spaded, have all the performance modules equipped and use "Current" setting in a testflight. For some reason choosing the "Reference" setting in a testflight doesn't always equip all the upgrades. An example would be a Spitfire LF MkIX. If you test it in "Reference", the game will not equip 150 octane fuel, severely reducing performance. Once you have the Spitfire spaded and use "Current", the 150 octane fuel module is equipped and the plane performs as expected.

So here is an actual example showing that statcards are absolute bollocks. I wasn't sure which plane to choose, so I chose the one where statcard is nowhere near reality. Some planes are affected more, some less, but as far as I know there isn't a single accurate statcard in War Thunder. So for the sake of all that's holy, stop using statcards in aircraft comparisons.


Swift's statcard in game(realistic battle setting):

Swift F7 statcard – the plane is spaded and has all the performance modules equipped – this is indicated by the colour green.

Given that I am carrying Fireflashes, the top speed at 3048m should be 981km/h and its climbrate should be in the region of 16-17m/s.

First of all climbrate – I honestly have no idea what the optimal climb speed for Swift F7 is, so it is possible that it can climb faster. I just recorded a quick video of me climbing at 500km/h IAS+, like I said it's not an optimal speed and the climbrate can actually be higher.

Swift F7 climbrate

At time 0:51 I am at 500m, at time 1:50 I am at 3000m. This means I have gained 2500m of altitude in 59 seconds. This is a climbrate of 42m/s, nearly 2.5 times more than the statcard value.

Next was top speed test. I started at a lower speed and shown you the acceleration, so that nobody accuses me of diving and levelling off to boost the result.

Swift F7 top speed

As you can see, the speed I was able to reach was 1069km/h, over 80km/h more than the statcard would suggest.

Sceptics may say – but maybe Gaijin used IAS? First of all that would be stupid, as in the aviation industry top speed is always listed and discussed either in TAS or Mach(which is essentially TAS on a different scale). All the historical datasheets you might find online will ALWAYS use some derivative of TAS when discussing top speed.

IAS(or rather CAS) is used for critical speeds such as stall speed or maximum speed at which flaps can be deployed.

Even then, I was only able to reach 919km/h IAS, over 60km/h less than the statcard suggests. Either way, the statcard is wrong.

If anyone has any more doubts, I can test a plane of your choice and point out how wrong the statcard is – but let's say I only do it for the first person that asks because I wasted too much time on this already. Although if more people finally understand that statcards are wrong – it was worth it.

TL;DR: Statcards are wrong and if you use them in a discussion you are embarrasing yourself.

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