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[Rant] The French air tree is one of the biggest joke of this entire game

warthunder 4 - [Rant] The French air tree is one of the biggest joke of this entire game

The 1st November 2017, War thunder's 1.73 update came out, finally adding a full French Air Tree. Premiums asside, the release tech tree was composed of 34 vehicles, 8 of them were US made aicrafts, including 6 exact copypasted vehicles.

While this choice of integrating US vehicles was kinda justified for tier 4 due to the lack of competitive French designed late/post-war props aircraft, some peoples pointed out that better alternative were existing (like the F4U-7, later added to the game). The M.B.157 model had an incorrect and non-competive armament, and other iconic French planes, like the MB.152, the M.S.406 the Br.693 or the M.D.454 were also missing sometimes in favor of obscure design like the Barougan, but it was not to worrisome, those planes would eventually come/s.

Twenty month have passed then. During this period, 13 vehicles added in the french main tree. 7 of them are US designs. 6 of those US aircrafts are placed in Tier I, V and VI, where France has a lot of more interesting and more competitive indigenous design. The M.B.152 was added has an event prise despite being mass-produced sitting and at a BR (2.3) where france lacks of fighters in RB. The MB.157 armament is still wrong and
389934 mb157 armament options discussion as production fighter - [Rant] The French air tree is one of the biggest joke of this entire gamegaijin moderators scuttled the bug report despite documents provided by Dassault Aviation (Formally société des avions Marcel Bloch, the designers of the MB.150 series)

"bUt tHere iS nOt eNoUgh fReNcH vehicles" is a false statement, especially for the concerned BR. Just to name a few interesting designs :

The MB.150/151 fighters, who later developped into the MB.152

The MB.155 fighter, the last french wartime fighter produced in series, could be added at Tier II/III

The VG.34/35/36/39 fighter prototypes (36 and 39 accepted for production) could be added at rank II/III

The MS.450 fighter prototype (upgraded and produced in switzerland) could be added at rank II/III

The SE.520Z fighter prototype could be added to Tier III/IV

The M.D.454 Mystère IV, probably the most succesful Mystère design, could be added at Tier V

The Etendard IVM, a notorious Naval Jet, could be added at Tier V/VI


The LN.401/411 dive bombers (68 aircraft produced) would have been a competitive alternative to the v-156-f at Tier I

The Br.691/693/695 ground attack aircrafts (230 aircrafts produced) could be added at Tier II

The NC.600 ground attacker prototype (accepted for production) could be added at tier II/III

The Amiot 351/354 bombers (86 aicrafts produced) could be added at Tier II

The N.1401/1402 floatplanes bombers (23 aircraft produced) could be added at tier II/III

The AAS-01 (German He-177 development manufactured in France and used by France post-war) is still a competitive alternative to the PB4Y-2

And there is still a lot of other competitive (but maybe a bit less relevant) prototypes like the LN 161, and the C.R.760, the SE.100 heavy fighters, the M.D.410 ground attackers, the Br.482 bomber…

The other usual Gaijin argument is "tHeRe iS nOt eNouGh InFoRmAtion". This is straight bullshit. If information was a problem which prevent gaijin to add vehicles, the M.B.157 shouldn't be in game. The Ki-94-II, which never flew, shouldn't be in game. Probably 2/3 of the prototypes shouldn't be in game. Most tier VI and VII vehicles shouldn't be in game.

On top of this you could also add the D.521, added in 2013, which have a wrong model and armament. This error was reported and even acknowledged by the ingame description (
You can still read it on the wiki)). Not only gaijin did nothing in 4 years but they implicitly stated in a 2017
5250 q a answers from the developers en - [Rant] The French air tree is one of the biggest joke of this entire game
q&a that they will do nothing about it (kinda remember me the Panther II situation, as it could be just corrected instead of removed)

td;dr Gaijin is to lazy to add proper French planes, and prefer US aircraft that can be copypasted to other tree

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