War Thunder

Rant Wednesday

warthunder 2 - Rant Wednesday

Alternatively known as Whine Wednesday or other working title…


This is where you can get your Warthunder related gripes out instead of AngErY rant posts and rage comments all over the place, obscuring the late meme posts I going to purge.

Got something that pisses you off?

Getting frustrated and don't know where to turn?

Prohibited by law from consuming alcohol because of "the incident" and can no longer suppress your emotions?

Rule 9 still in effect…but mostly the first half.

There's not really any guiding principles here. Fire at will!

Sponsored by : ALL CAPS, for when some caps just ain't enough. (Also will be SUGGESTED next week, BE READY)


Also: /u/The__Kiwi/ and his lovely MEC & Climb Chart

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Squad up or Shut up. TM

Keep an eye out for our weekend sticky FRIENDSLY FRIDAY for people looking for squadmates, wingmen, duelling opponents and Squadron Recruitment.

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