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Regarding the Youtube Cup

warthunder 4 - Regarding the Youtube Cup

After a lengthy discussion between all team captains, the event organizers, Anton, Kirill, so on so forth; it has been decided as a group to remake the Youtube Cup in 2-8 weeks. There were multiple technical issues, leading to a lower than acceptable competitive standard. I was streaming, so I have no personal experience of the official stream, but I understand there are issues raised there too.

From the aspect of GSqd V SprotenFuh, Alconafter could not ban any maps or game modes but were impelled to play regardless (this has been confirmed by gaijin, I made some comments regarding "they should have refused to play if there were problems" but that's easy to say in hindsight, and I did not have the full situation), Abinavski's team was 1 player down due to internet issues, as I understand it, and a match was played where the incorrect flight models were present. With all of these technical issues combined, the group decision is to re-create the cup with some adjusted values further down the line.

Ultimately it's impossible to judge what Alconafter would have done had he been able to ban; whether he would have banned boats or not, discussions further into this are hypotheticals and exercises in game theory, there was a lot of misinformation floating around the various twitch chats at the time, and dwelling on that isn't constructive. I've spoken directly with Alconafter, I made some off-color comments about what he should or shouldn't have done based on my perception of events, and I've apologized accordingly.


I didn't have the full story, but he indeed could not make game mode/map bans, which feeds into the technical issues of the events. It's not as simple as "alcon is crying because he lost" so please don't reduce it to that.

There has been fair amount of community upset about the rewards involved, the amount of GE, and I'd like to be honest about it. Ultimately, the rewards aren't the important part here, we are supported by gaijin as creators regardless; it is a community event for the enjoyment of everyone, it's creators you know and watch going head to head in a tourney; and having bad blood around that competitiveness isn't what we want, both on the company side and the creators side, Russian and international.

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At the end of the day guys, it's a collaborative competition between creators; it's creators you know and watch coming together in a competitive atmosphere, not some kind of blood feud, and it's important to bear that in mind. Collectively, we believe that remaking the tournament is the best way forward with the fairest outcome. We all want to see competitive war thunder become more of a reality, and these stumbling blocks are to be expected along the way.

No stress, no booli, see you soon(ish) for v2!

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