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Reporting cheaters – A step-by-step refresher

warthunder 1 - Reporting cheaters - A step-by-step refresher

Hey everyone,

Have been seeing a few queries recently wondering about reporting cheats in War Thunder. They do exist, nobody denies it, but it's still a very low percentage of the gaming population and the majority of hackusations are completely unfounded and derived more from spite or frustration than logic and evidence. I've tagged this as All Ground because cheating is most relevant to Ground gameplay.

Here's a step-by-step guide with images showing you how to use the server replay feature and how to report someone you know is cheating. I've been meaning to create a video for some time now showing how to pick up users cheating (the kind that aren't ridiculously obvious about it) so hopefully I get that finished at some point soon.

  1. Find someone stupid enough to cheat.
  2. Head over to http://warthunder.com/en/tournament/replay/ – you will need to log in but I suggest you browse to the website manually if you have any concerns over my link – be smart on the internet and don't login on pages people link you to.
  3. Search their name (case sensitive) – you can use the "Find replays with my participation" tickbox to narrow it down to games you were also in.
  4. Find and click the game that you had concerns over and hit the view replay button.
  5. Select the player you want to spectate by clicking on them, and use the 2 key (or click the 2) to swap to that players view. This will show you that players view controls through the match – scope, binoculars, and mouse look.
  6. Note the timestamp of something suspicious.
  7. If you are absolutely positive they cheat*, click the exclamation point beside their name on the server replay page that is still open, and fill out a report with accurate timestamping and a summary of the report – make sure you select "Restricted Modifications" from the drop-down.
  8. Hit "Complaint" and you're done. You can do the same for any other replays you viewed to confirm the player is cheating.
  9. Wait – could be a week or two. Contrary to popular belief the monthly countermeasures report does not coincide with a monthly ban wave, they're done in multiple waves through the month.
  10. Admire their banned profile.
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Please absolutely confirm that the person cheats before submitting these reports – false reports done out of spite mean players who are actually cheating take longer to be processed. Deep down I hope there's some kind of rating system on the accounts making reports because I don't even want to know how many false reports Gaijin get because people are cranky about getting killed or outplayed in matches.

  • Check multiple replays prior to reporting.
  • Get a second opinion; feel free to private message myself or any of the other community members that help with cheat reports to make sure reports are accurate.
  • Do not report players just because they killed you through a bush/have good stats/"couldn't have known I was there"

Reminder, cheats/hacks cannot do the following;

  • Increase 'health', armour, chance to bounce
  • Do more damage/penetration
  • Reduce reload time
  • Increase tank speed

They're used for increased vision and aim assistance. Incorrect reporting is a waste of time for everyone involved.

If anyone has any questions or suggested amendments, please respond.

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