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Russia has some pretty nasty holes when it comes to rank VI aircraft; here’s the three aircraft we should get to fix them.

warthunder 6 - Russia has some pretty nasty holes when it comes to rank VI aircraft; here's the three aircraft we should get to fix them.

Russia, currently, is the strongest nation in the game when it comes to high tier jets (although this will change once the next update drops). This doesn't stop their rank VI tree from having some major gaps in their meta.

The first gap is between the MiG-17 and MiG-19P. In all three gamemodes, this is a full 1.3 BR gap. Almost nowhere in any other of the original nations is there an entire 1.3 BR missing. The only other nation is Britain, I think.

The plane we need: the MiG-17F. The MiG-17F would be the same as the existing Shenyang F-5 except without the missiles. It's just a MiG-17 with an afterburner. It could go in 9.3-9.7, probably the former. It's also a pretty significant plane, its service in the Strait of Taiwan in 1958, the Vietnam War, and (I think) with Egypt makes it by far the most used MiG-17 and even among the most used post-Korea Russian fighters.

The second gap is pretty open-ended. Russia has only 1 rank VI line and that's the MiG line. The only other of the original 5 nations with this issue to my knowledge is Japan. This is less of a practical issue like the former, but it still represents a pretty big opportunity.

The plane we need: The Su-7. The Su-7 was intended to be a low-altitude fighter and was used as such by India. Its service as a ground strike fighter in Egypt and Afghanistan also makes it one of the more deployed Russian fighters. It could help compensate for Russia's dreadful lack of high-tier strike fighters. In terms of performance, it's roughly between the MiG-19P and MiG-21F-13, having the gun armament of the MiG-19 and R-13 or R-60 missiles (although adding the R-60s would be a bad idea as it would result in the same balancing problem as the Hunter F.6). While it would be subsonic at sea level, it would be the only Russian jet with air to surface missiles. They could also give it anti-radiation missiles if Gaijin ever decides to make SEAD actually possible. It could be added at 9.7-10.0 in the Lavochkin line.


The third gap is by far the most significant in sim. In air sim, Russia basically never wins against the U.S. A big part of that is that the US gets two high speed bombers in the form of the F-100 and F-4 Phantom, both of which are perfect for base rushing in EC. While Russian bombers get tail guns, they're pretty easily countered by America's plethora of missiles.

The plane we need: The Yak-28. Introduced in 1960, it was among the first dedicated supersonic jet bombers. This would have to be added at 10.3-10.7. The regular Yak-28 would go after the Il-28. The Yak-28P interceptor variant could potentially be added in the Yak line. Its bomb bay would make it faster with bombs than the Phantom, hence the high BR. Its max bomb load would only be about the same as the Il-28 though, to my knowledge.

Note that none of these issues are particularly urgent and Russia is still doing better than a lot of nations. Still, these 3 and especially the first 2 should probably be added before Russia gets any other rank VI aircraft.

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