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ST2 Light Tank

warthunder 2 - ST2 Light Tank


The ST2 is a Chinese light tank, armed with a 105mm gun and primarily intended for export, however it is part of a series of new light tank designs arising in China.


During the 1990s, a new AFV known as the Type 89 was introduced in PLA service and production. Capable of carrying 15 men, as well as having night vision and plenty of room for variants and upgrades, it was used not just domestically, but by a few other nations, such as Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe. The basic variant carried a 12.7mm machine gun in a slightly armored turret.


Later on in 2008, a new light tank was created, quite literally, by putting the turret of the Type 63A on to this chassis, creating a new light tank. However, it was not a success, and as such only one was built. Despite this though, the vehicle remains quite intact.





In around 2017, the chassis was extended to 6 roadwheels, creating the ZJX-89 armored recovery vehicle. During this time, export tanks were being fitted with a new turret called the WMA301 and ST1. This chassis and turret were then combined to make a new light tank. This vehicle is known as the ST2 light tank. Officially, it is designed for fire support and tank destroying roles, however it is, for all intents and purposes, a light tank.


What makes the ST2 special? It has thermal imaging, can fire all standard NATO 105mm rounds, including Norinco developed APFSDS rounds, as well as GP2 ATGWs capable of 650mm of penetration behind ERA, in the same manner as one would fire a tank round. On top of this, it has a 4 man crew, and can go up to 70 km/h.

Its features are, to quote Army Guide:

Adopting 105mm tank gun that can launch NATO standard 105mm ammo

105mm laser-beam-riding gun-launched missile can be fired with effective range of 5000m

Anti-bunker projectile can be fired that improves power against reinforced concrete targets

Provided with aiming-guidance combined image-stabilized fire control system, thus realize rapid reaction and enable high first-round-hit probability and aim & fire while running

Adopting light tracked chassis provided with high power air-cooled engine, that is adaptable to various climate and terrains such as plateau, desert, hilly area, coastal area

Capable of internal alignment of aiming line and gun axis

Why should it be added?

I think this would be a really good equivalent to something like the TAM 2C added for the Germans, it has much of the same capabilities, along with the ability to launch ATGWs, and could potentially receive Chinese made 105mm rounds to make it more unique. I think this would fit in at the same battle rating as the TAM 2C, 9.3 in the Chinese tech tree.


Crew – 4 (3 in turret, driver in hull)

Weight – 20t

Length (gun forward) – 7.5m

Hull length – 6.8m

Width – 3.1m

Height – 2.8m


– 105mm rifled gun (32 rounds)

– 12.7mm machine gun

– 7.62mm machine gun

Engine – 440 hp Deutz BZ6M1015CP diesel

Maximum speed – 70 km/h





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