War Thunder

Sub-tech tree: Separated West and East Gemane tech trees

warthunder 3 - Sub-tech tree: Separated West and East Gemane tech trees

As everyone knows, after the WWII, Germany was splitted in two parts, the western Germany being "controlled"mostly by USA and UK and the eastern Germany, by the USSR. This on the game means that Germany have both western and eastern vehicles on the same tree. This isnt a problem on game modes like arcade, where the country doesnt matter; but on modes like realistic could be annoying, and on simulator, a really big problem.
Some people also claim that this is unfair as Germany is getting "the best of both worlds", this proposition should end and solve this claims too.

On Realistic battles, having the same or similar vehicles on both teams is not a big problem, but it can be annoying for some people who miss the time where that kind of historicity was in game.

On Simulator battles, having the same vehicle on both teams is a big problem, leading to a lot of confusion and the worst of all, teamkills. Moving the east german vehicles to another tech tree and locking them to be always on the soviet team, will erase this problem.

How it should be paired on the matches?

Ignoring arcade for obvious reasons, on realistic and simulator, they must be matched always with the USSR, just like China.

How to unlock the trees?

Unlock this thech is an easy task, like with the helicopter tech trees, you will need to purchase at least 1 vehicle from either Germany or the USSR. For example: If you want to unlock the tank tech tree, you need to purchase 1 rank V from the german or soviet tree; and if you want to unlock the plane tree, you'll need a soviet or german tier V plane

Hypothetical DDR plane tree

Hypothetical DDR tank tree

Obviously, a full DDR tech tree is impossible, but some kind of sub-tech tree could be a good way to solve this problem and still have the opportunity to drive DDR vehicles.
This sub-tech trees is just an idea and it could be subject to change. This idea of sub-tech tree can also be applied to other countries on the game, as the previously metioned, China, or even to new countries.

Possible questions:

  • Q. Can I use some of that vehicles on my soviet or german line-up?
    No, neither you cant use soviet or german vehicles on your east german line-up. This is just like a normal tech tree but small

  • Q. Why splitting the tree?
    A. On modes like Arcade or even in Realistic, same tanks on both teams arent a real problem, maybe a bit annoying, but on sim, this is a real problem, leading to a considerable number of teamkills. Separating tech trees will help a lot with this problems. Germany is not the only example, the most notorious example is China, which it could be split on 2 sub-tech trees, PRC and ROC tech trees.

  • Q. I already have some of that vehicles, what would happen to them?
    A. Like when Italy was added, once they added it, if you didnt research it, they got deleted forever for you and they will be moved to the DDR tree; If you already bought it, it will stay on your German tech tree and you'll be able to use whenever you want like you use it right now, except on simulator mode, where you will be able only using western vehicles on the "western team" and the same thing to the easter ones.

  • Q. Some of that vehicles were used by the West Germany Army, shouldn't they stay on the German Tech tree to?
    Yes, some vehicles were still in service after the German Reunification. They must be reskined and modified. For example, the BMP-1 after the reunification, was modified as a BMP-1A1 Ost, in that case, the only BMP-1 on the Germany tech tree should be that version and properly reskined.

  • Q. Why only tanks and planes? Why not helicopters and ships?
    About the ships, right now on War Thunder, every ship game mode doesnt have a country based matchmaking, so it would be unnecessary to split fleet tech trees; also, now we only have 1 DDR ship.
    About helis, it's more complicated, the LSK (East Germany Air Force) only used 2 weaponized helis that could fit on the game, the Mi-24D and Mi-24P (The german Mi-4A wasnt fitted with rockets or missiles as far i researched), only 2 helis wouldnt be enough even for a sub-tech tree, also, both Mi-24 were still in service after the reunification, so a reskin would be enough to fit the german Mi-24 we already have on the german tech tree.

  • Q. Aren't that vehicles just another copypaste vehicles?
    Apart from those which already are in game, yes some of them are are the same vehicle from the russian tree. I tried to search for local modifications or interesting vehicles that are not in the game, I do the best I could searching for that kind of vehicles but sometimer the copypaste vehicles are necessary to fill some kind of holes in the tree

Please, if you have any question about this, feel free to ask anything.
Thanks for taking your time reading this.

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