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Subreddit Flair Changes

warthunder 7 - Subreddit Flair Changes

Subreddit Flairs Changelog

The WarThunder Moderation Team brings you these following changes.

More importantly we should all thank
kmsxkuse - Subreddit Flair Changes
/u/kmsxkuse for their work behind the scenes to push the changes through.

Prepare yourselves because the mods will start punching holes in people's left wings today to people who don't follow the new flair rules.

It is always worth stating rule 2 again since it pertains specifically to the flair updates:

Flair your post appropriately after submitting. Unflaired posts don't get an upvote button and incorrectly flaired posts may be removed.

  • Do not abuse the NEWS flair. It is intended only for official War Thunder news from Gaijin sites and sources.
  • The DATAMINE flair is for substantive datamining posts. Please do not overuse it for e.g. individual screenshots or minor discoveries.
  • The MEME flair is intended for memes. It is not a catch-all flair for jokes and satire.

New flairs:

(for the 10% viewing on old.reddit, new.reddit and mobile can only see the text)

unknown - Subreddit Flair Changes
– Bugs.

Intended to be used for ingame features bugs and unintended gameplay on Gaijin's part.

Note, this is not a substitute for proper Bug reporting to Gaijin. They do not read this subreddit and will not fix whatever bug you posted under this flair or anywhere in this subreddit.

&ct=1599417232 - Subreddit Flair Changes

Post proper bug reports to the forum and then post a screenshot / gif / video here to the subreddit for us all to see.

– Loot.

Intended for all the daily awards, post battle awards, or the poor suckers who bought a key then opened up one of the update LootBoxes.


This can also apply to screenshots of the post battle lion / RP awards of very good games, not just the predetermined wheel of fortune LootBox rewards. Hence Loot instead of the full LootBox.

– And Turkish and Modern Canadian user flag flairs.

Renamed flairs:

  • General History to Mil. History.
  • Peripheral to Hardware.

Merged / Removed flairs:

  • Air / Ground / Naval History into Mil. History.
  • Air / Ground / Naval Art into Art.
  • Air / Ground / Naval Skin into Skin.
  • Xbox / PS4 / Mac / PC into Hardware.

Background color changed flairs:

(for the 10% viewing on old.reddit, new.reddit and mobile are color blind)

  • unknown - Subreddit Flair Changes
    Mil. History is now this.
  • unknown - Subreddit Flair Changes
    Art is now this.
  • unknown - Subreddit Flair Changes
    Skin is now this.

Before we start!

Do not downvote based on disagreement! Downvotes are reserved for comments you'd rather not see at all because they have no place here.

Feel free to speak your mind! Call it a hunk of junk, an OP 'noobtube', whatever! Just make sure you back up your opinion with reasoning.

If you would like to request a vehicle for next week's discussion please do so by leaving a comment or specifically tag /u/Commander_Adama

Having said all that, go ahead!

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