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T30 Heavy tank trial

warthunder 3 - T30 Heavy tank trial



I have tried out the T30 heavy tank by exporting the model and textures from dev server to live server. Below is what I have found out and tested.

Basic stats of the tank

  • Armor same as T29/T34.
  • Max speed 35 km/h forward and 13 km/h reverse(100% same as T34).
  • 155 mm gun, APBC-HE and HE as stock, APCBC-HE and Smoke as modification(this tank is premium gift(event) tank, so you don't need to unlock them). Both have 653 grams of Explosive D filler.
  • Reload time 29.9 seconds ace.


  • Penetration of the gun: APBC&APCBC: About 195 mm both(got this data after some fire tests on tank polygon map, 200mm flat cast mantlet of the Challenger Mk. 2 as target). HE: 53 mm, same as the one on the Lorr. 155 spg.
  • Velocity of projectiles: APBC&APCBC: 670 m/s, HE&Smoke: 717 m/s.

btw, the APBC is massively overperforming lmao. should be about 165mm at 0 m and 0 degree. and also since APBC slope mod is broken and massively overperforming, it'll penetrate more than what stat card says against angled armor.

More info about T30's ammunition



  • 1st gear: 3 km/h
  • 2nd gear: 8 km/h
  • 3rd gear: 14 km/h
  • 4th gear: 23 km/h
  • 5th gear: 35 km/h
  • Reverse 1: -4 km/h
  • Reverse 2: -13 km/h

Hull traverse

  • Neutral: 29 seconds
  • 1st gear: 43 seconds
  • 2nd gear: 19 seconds


  • To 32 km/h: 13 seconds
  • To max speed: 16 seconds

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