War Thunder

Table of aircraft radar capabilities

warthunder 4 - Table of aircraft radar capabilities

Here's some basic information about the capabilities of the new aircraft radar sets.

I don't have MiG-19PT or the Sea Venom, or the preceding plane in each case, so I can't test those. (Edit: Thanks to
zani1903 - Table of aircraft radar capabilities

/u/zani1903 for providing Sea Venom data!)
NationPlaneRange (km)Beam θ (°)Search ModesLock on?Gunsight?Notes
USAF6F-5Nnot modeled
USAP-61A-13, 9, 18150WideNoNoFast scan
USAP-61C-13, 9, 18150WideNoNoFast scan
USAF3D20, 45, 110, 220, 370180Narrow, WideYesYes
GermanyDo-217 J-2460WideNoNoDoesn't scan
GermanyDo-217 N-1460WideNoNoDoesn't scan
GermanyDo-217 N-2570WideNoNoDoesn't scan
GermanyMe 410 B-6/R3460WideNoNoDoesn't scan
GermanyHe 219 A-7460WideNoNoDoesn't scan
UKJavelin F.(A.W.) Mk.920, 45, 110, 220, 370180Narrow, WideYesYes
UKSea Venom FAW 203, 9, 18150?No?Fast scan?
FranceF6F-5Nnot modeled

Things to note:

  • All testing was performed in AB Test Flights or Mission Editor missions.

  • The P-61's (and reportedly the Sea Venom's) radar scans very rapidly, but this might be a bug, because target blips don't actually update every time the beam sweeps past them. They seem to update at the same rate as the other radars. The Sea Venom apparently has the same radar as the P-61s.

  • The German radars don't sweep at all. Blip positions update instantly. This isn't a bug; early German airborne radar sets like the Lichtenstein were not mechanically-scanned (or electronically-scanned). They provided a static cone of radar energy in front of the aircraft.

  • Neither the American nor French F6F-5N's radar is modeled.

  • The Sabre's famous radar gunsight is not modeled either.

  • Locking on targets is activated with the "Lock radar target on" command. The "Select radar target to lock on" command doesn't seem to do anything. I thought it might change targets if there are more than one in range, but that didn't work when I tried it in a custom battle, although that was in Arcade mode, so perhaps it only works in RB/SB mode.

  • Similarly, the "Change radar mode" command doesn't seem to do anything.

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