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The 2.0 Br spread limitation and why it’s the worst thing they could do

warthunder 3 - The 2.0 Br spread limitation and why it's the worst thing they could do

In my opinion this 2br spread cap is one of the worst things they could do to the game. I'm going to keep talking about it because a lot of people seemed to have missed it since it wasn't in the patch notes and I hope to god they simply forget about it and it never touches the live server. For those who haven't heard on the latest dev server you could not bring vehicles that were more than 2.0 br apart for example a 3.7br vehicle could not be taken if you had a 6.0br vehicle in your lineup. Ostensibly this is to keep people from taking reserves like the M2A4 out in high tier and cap rushing for an easy helicopter spawn. However I feel like this wasn't thought through as well as it could have been because doing this would cause a lot of collateral damage so to speak and I don't just mean for having fun with meme tanks, there are a lot of actual gameplay elements that get fu*ked up by this.

SPAA gets fu*ked: The Wirebelwind, BTR-152, and M16 some of the best AAA choices short of tier VI would be locked to low tiers, forcing Allied players into 40mm hell and Russia into milktruck purgatory. If I take my MBT-70 (9.3) I can't take the duster (6.7) meaning I have no AAA at all until I unlock the VADS in 290,000rp. Having the option to chose an anti-aircraft vehicle you liked rather than just one that was tier appropriate was nice, especially since the ground survivability and comparative firepower against aircraft is not widely different between most SPAA. The Duster hits harder with twin 40mm guns but does it matter if you can't land any hits? The M16 isn't as powerful but is easy to aim and has a much greater volume of fire while still being reasonably deadly. The BTR-152 is probably my favorite non-radar SPAA because it has a good mixture of firepower, muzzle velocity, and fire rate. The Wirebelwind speaks for itself and never stops being effective until you see end tier. Japan would have bad gaps in it's AA lineups because most of it's choices are very low br.

With SPAA:

  • France would have two holes where they wouldn't have any SPAA coverage – 2.7, and between 7.0 and 8.0
  • Japan would have a hole between 5.7 and 6.3
  • Britain would have a hole between 7.0 and 7.7
  • Soviets would have a hole between 7.0 and 7.7

(Courtesy of u/ksheep)

Scouts get fu*ked: Many nations will have large gaps where they would not be able to bring a scout vehicle at all. Most notably Germany which only has the Puma and the BP 57. This is mostly a problem with a lack of appropriate vehicles but that can be mitigated by taking a low tier scout which is still useful. Scout vehicles like the Puma are cheap to spawn in RB and still provide valuable support with scouting, flanking, and base capturing.

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Combined arms gets fu*ked: 2br spread means you cannot take a Stuka in a lineup with the Tiger I or Panther. Most nations will lose divebomber options at mid tier. German players at 9.3 or higher lose access to ALL of their top tier CAS options both Arados, the 50mm 262, the HO229, and the Me262 a2-a are all 7.0br or lower leaving them only with helicopters against extremely capable multi-role strike fighters and fighter-bombers like the Fury. IL-2s cannot be taken higher than IS-2s even though they have some of the best ground attack loadouts with the AO bomblets and AP rockets. The Wyvern is another excellent example that can perform CAS well above it's br. A lot of tanker mains simply do not keep their air lineups at even br with their ground vehicles meaning they would completely lose access to air support of any kind in most cases.


Torpedo bombers get fu*ked: Most nations only have access to a handful of torpedo bombers, Germany and Russia especially, and they are mostly low tier severely limiting naval support options.

High tier premiums become less appealing: When UK ground forces came out I bought the STRV-81 and used that to grind out basically the whole tree, same thing with France and the AMX-13 SS.11. I could use my premium and if I died I could still respawn in a low tier SPAA or glass cannon/derp gun and still be useful, but not with a 2br spread. I'd be stuck with one spawn until I caught up. The STRV-81 itself is still capable above it's tier due to its missiles and sabot and I would still want it in my lineup at 8.7 and above.

Some very unique vehicles lose 90% of their usability and appeal: The RBT-5 is a prime example using it at it's measly 1.3br is not fun, using it against Maus tanks and Abrams is. A lot of other high mobility vehicles like the Pakwagen, AC MkII(the 57mm event one), Greyhound, and Boarhound are especially fun outside their tier. The BM-13N, and Panzerwerfer are still easily capable of killing just about any tank in the game and are equally effective at any br as glass cannons regardless. The KV-2, Ho-Ro, Sturmpanzer II, Fv4005 and more lose a lot of their appeal as support vehicles even though they are equally deadly above their br. Floatplanes are hurt by this the Kingfishers and PBYs are only low gier but the ability to land and cap bases is nearly invaluable at any tier and they are the sole floatplanes available to the US. (Though it looks like the PBM mariner is coming in 1.85 so that's cool) Britain and Japan will suffer loss of floatplanes at higher naval br Germany and Russia only have premium/event vehicle floatplanes which is a travesty in itself but if you have one it's nice to be able to bring it uptier.

Some people may complain about people bringing low tiers into high tier games as "dead weight" vehicles. But this simply isn't always true. Glass cannons and derp guns lose little to none of their effectiveness and with multiple spawns (especially since the RB SP change) a lot of lower tier vehicles are perfectly reasonable backups to one or two on tier vehicles. High mobility vehicles like the Hellcat, Puma, and other armored cars are capable flankers, and base captures no matter the br. The Puma is a very cheap respawn and can easily allow someone to get enough SP for another spawn through scouting, flanking, and base capture where otherwise they may not be able to get another spawn at all. It's not like WoT where tanks become obsolete immediately outside their tier and that's one of the great things about this game.

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Me and my friends uptier vehicles all the time. We still win games, we still place higher than people in "appropriate" vehicles. We still get kills and we have a lot of fun doing it. This change would really put a damper on Warthunder for us and I would hate to see it happen because I love this game.

I hope they will have seen on the dev server that this is a bad idea and this will never hit the live server but if not… well I guess you'll hear from me some more and I'll have to go over to the forums I guess.

As a side note the upper limit 2.0 spread that stops people from bringing 9.0 jets in with their cruisers makes sense to me, it's only the lower bound I have a problem with.

TLDR The 2.0 br spread cap is stupid and only hurts the entire game to remove one moderate annoyance at high tier that could be fixed by limiting just reserve spawns to low tier.

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