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The Great Russian Ground Force Issues Post!

warthunder 1 - The Great Russian Ground Force Issues Post!

This is ripped directly from WT forums, from my thread I made.

Hello everyone!

I have seen many topics regarding USSR's short comings around specific BR's with other's opinions and my own. I would like to take the time to organize the issues into one great thread here, to ultimately:

Identify an issue

Come up with solutions to such issue, usually moving of BRs, or addition of new vehicles or modifications

I will start with my own opinions on what are issues and what should be done, but the more important thing is to give a response to my ideas and others ideas on these problems. Lets keep it civil though, no mockery or ridiculous suggestions (no power creep ideas please), or hijacking.

Second thing to mind, this will be a generalization of the issues, and most issues are going to reside at top tier GF RB.

This thread will develop/be edited hopefully continuously.

Issue #1: Lack of adequate SPAA from BR ranges 4.0-7.7:

The Soviet tech tree has quite lack luster anti-aircraft SPAA throughout its tech tree. The filler SPAAs from 3.3 onward, the ZSU-37 and ZSU-57-2, do not fill the AA role, and with the latter, it fills more of an AT role.

Solution #1: Adding a new SPAA to fill the gap:

My idea—> filler SPAA is the BTR-152D, which is the BTR-152A, except instead of having 2x 14.5mm guns, it has 4x 14.5mm guns. Sort of like a wirbelwind, although lower in caliber.


Other players suggestions for further SPAA':

BTR-152D, ~4.0: KPVT-4 on the chassis of the BTR-152A

BTR-152E, ~4.3: KPVT-4 on the chassis of the BTR-152V, which was an improved BTR-152

GAZ-66(ZU-23-2), ~4.7: its just a truck with a ZU-23-2… what more do you want me to say

BTR-DG, ~5.3: same gun as above but much better chassis

BTR-60PB(2A42), ~7.7: this would be in the light tank line as an IFV without ATGM, but its gun can elevate up to 60 degrees so it could engage aircraft

Truck mount with Zu-23-2

57mm AZP S-60

85mm, 52-K

Issue #2: Lack of any jet CAS at BR range ~7.7:

The Soviet tech tree has no jet CAS at the BR range wheras other nations employ the use of early 262's, F-84s, and others.

Solution #2: Adding a new early jet CAS to fill the gap:

My idea—> My suggestion is the Tu-12, basically a Tu-2 except with jet engines, akin to an Arado almost.


Other players further suggestions:

– Su-7 (1946)

– Su-11 (1947)

Issue #3: The 8.0 BR Radar SPAA, Shilka, is inadequate:

The Shilka simply lacks the radar capability and armament of other later SPAA designs like the Gepard, M247, or even the SIDAM 25.

Solution #3: Introduce new SPAA to compensate:

My idea—> Introduce the ZSU-37-2 "Yenisei" which houses 2x 37mm cannons firing at 1048 rpm. While lower burst mass than the Shilka, the 37mm shells should have much better ballistics and stopping power.


Issue #4: Some vehicles are over BR'd in 9.x-10.x:

The preformance of several vehicles do not match their BR's.

Solution #4: Adjust BRs accordingly:

My idea–>

Main Adjustments:

T-62M-1: 9.0>8.7

Obj 685: 9.0>8.7

BMP-3: 9.0>8.7

Shturm: 9.3>9.0

T-64A: 9.3>9.0

T-80B: 10.0>9.7


Folder T-64A to T-10M

T-72A: 9.3>9.0

T-64B: 9.7>9.3


Issue #5: Lack of adequate CAS from 8.x-9.x:

The IL-28Sh or MiG-17 simply do not match the CAS power of other contemporaries, other nations enjoy much better platforms and/or ordinance.

Solution #5: Add in new CAS aircraft:


My idea–> The Su-7BKL or Su-7B looks like a good canidate, although its speed may be a bit much in air RB. I'm still on the fence for this one.


Other players further suggestions:

  • Su-7B might be a bit much in terms of flight preformance for such a BR. I pretty much agree.

In place of it there could be:




Issue #6: No Leo L/44, Type 74G, XM-1 equivalent at 9.x.

USSR really likes to rely on armor, which doesn't always help. They are sort of like Germany in the 5.x-6.x bracket, they lack mobility, and in WT, mobility is key.

Solution #6: Add in new tank similarly (but try to preserve balance)

My idea–> Things like the Sprut-SD, early T-80 variants, upgraded engines for T-64 variants can possibly be added. Whether premium or not comes to the community.


Issue #7: Lack of adequate CAS in the 10.x bracket:

While Soviet helicopters have a large contribution to top tier CAS for USSR, not everyone wants to play a helicopter because of the grind, imbalance, or because its boring. USSR doesn't have a top tier strike fighter/fighter bomber to preform in place of a helicopter however.

Solution #7: Add in a new capable CAS aircraft:

My idea–> Things like the Su-17M3 or other Sukhoi jets come into mind when it is top tier jet CAS; they are the dedicated ground strikers for USSR.


Issue #8: Tanks at 10.x are lackluster

The T-80U in its own can not provide for USSR's top of the line tanks, and the T-72B is heavily outdated to provide any extra assistance. USSR has no M1A2/Leo 2a5 equivalent comparatively.

Solution #8: Add in modern Russian tanks to help:

My idea–> Earlier tanks like the T-80UM, T-80UK, T-80UA, T-80UE-1, T-90A, T-72B1/B2, come into mind, then later on, stronger tanks like T-72B3, T-90AM, T-90M, T-90MS, T-80BVM could possibly be added very very carefully.


Issue #9(minor): lack of 6.7 vehicles, explained by other player:

"despite 6.7 being on of the most played BRs and the USSR being one of the major nations in game, there is a lack of vehicles in that BR range even though there are many great examples of what could go in there.

possible vehicles to act as a solution.

T-44M: a modernized T-44, gets the bonus of slightly more mobility due to modernized engine and transmission improving it. It also does get a roof MG, but to truly make it 6.7 worthy it should receive 3BK2, an early Gen-2 HEATFS shell with 220mm of pen. BTW, to prevent confusion this is not the T-44S or T-44MS with a stab, those(especially with HEATFS are 7.X tanks).

IS-2M: mobility is same as above, but also includes a revised hull armor(similar to IS-4 hull armor, but lS-2 thickness), and to also make it 6.7 worthy it would get BR-471D and the improved reload from the semi-automatic breech(the IS-2(1944) should also have the better reload but it doesn’t).

BRM-1: IIRC, this was a recon modification of the BMP-1, it involved removing the ATGM(mainly due to there not being enough space for the long range radio and stuff like that) from the BMP-1 and a few other things that would have no effect in WT. in the end it’s a BMP-1 with no ATGMs, 6.7 if I have ever heard of it."

Well, thats all the issues that come to mind for me at least, as well as the solutions that I have thought of. Once again, please discuss these, and add your own opinions/problems/solutions (in a civil manner)!

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