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The inconsistency and incompetence of Gaijin in Naval Forces

warthunder 6 - The inconsistency and incompetence of Gaijin in Naval Forces


Every patch, Gaijin manages to kill Naval forces more to the surprise of nobody. This patch, Gaijin introduced a mechanic where if the crew percent goes below 10% the player quite literally cannot do anything; they are left to die. Effectively, if you go below 10% crew you might as well just J out. Next, they have changed the fire mechanics to the point that a 30 second fire can decrease the crew count by as much as 50 percent. That's like 700 men (depending on the ship) dying in 30 seconds to put it into perspective. This is beyond unfun and not realistic in any way. The games have just turned into a firefighting simulator where the crew count is whittled down by fire that the player can barely control. Once again, nobody enjoys this and it's not even realistic either. There is no reason for it to be like this other than a complete lack of basic understanding of fun, enjoyment, or realism. Gaijin employees appear to be lizard people.


Next is their inconsistency in terms of historic values. The best example of this is the Kirov, which has a base reload of 11 seconds. This comes from the intended reload that the design requirements were looking for. In reality, the ship was designed by morons who couldn't tell their dick from their nose and who fitted triple guns in turrets that were designed for only two guns each. The loading gear was complete garbage and commonly jammed, leading to an actual fire rate of 2-3 rounds/minute, which is ~ 2.5 times slower than in game. Just like that one of the worst cruisers the world has ever seen is suddenly one of the best in-game. On top of that, the Pensacola and Portland, which had no such issues with the loading gear and terrible design, have a reload which is far longer than it would have taken IRL and leads to them being by far the worst heavy cruisers in the game. They get utterly demolished by nearly everything, yet for some reason the Portland has a base repair cost of 25,000 SL. They can also be ammo-detonated by destroyers as well. Fire spreads extremely quickly as well and the entire crew can be killed by fire within A SINGLE MINUTE. Again, who tf thought this was a good idea? These examples aren't even close to the amount of garbage Gaijin has pulled in Naval Forces; I could write a five page list on the amount of dumb shit in this gamemode.

It is clear that nobody at Gaijin cares for Naval, or else they would have at least fixed some of the stuff me and many other people have voiced displeasure over. Instead they keep adding mechanics nobody asked for and further ruining a gamemode with an already low playerbase. If they keep with this trend I do not see a bright future for Naval Forces.


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