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The one thing tier 6 planes need

warthunder 1 - The one thing tier 6 planes need

So, with tier 6 planes coming out we will be flying faster then ever before being able to go supersonic in level flight with this comes a great deal of hype and speculation but I think everyone is missing an important issue. That being the fact that pilots will be put under even more G's then in the soon not to be top tier jets such as the Hunter, the Mig 15 and 17 and sabres. You probably already know where I'm going with this but I believe it's necessary for Gaijn to change the G suit in someway. I am going be very honest right now, I can cannot understate how important the G suit is to jets, without it your lucky your pilot doesn't blackout from doing a full 180 turn (and that's with max g tolerance and stamina) even when your doing a basic evasive manuver such as a barrel roll it's very likely you'll black out(keep in mind this can happen with even the low tier jets if your going fast enough). To fix this problem I have come up with two very simple solutions the first is that they make the G suit a rank 1 modification(so that you don't have to slave away for days to get the thing) with a low rp cost say 30-40,000. My second solution they make the G suit an automatic piece of equipment you get with the plane (y'know like another thing we've been asking for gaijn?) this would do away with having to get the most MANDATORY modification at this rank (make the lives of the players much much easier) and help with the stock syndrome on the new planes being that it would put stock and spaced planes on a more level playing field.


So that's my opinion on this what did you think am I right? Did I miss something? Am I completely wrong ?Or have I just started the aviation version of the free FPE and parts meme? Who knows…well we'll find out in a week or two won't we?

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P.S if you do give us free G suits give us a free F-35

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