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The Problem with War Thunder Naval Forces; from someone who *actually* plays naval

warthunder 7 - The Problem with War Thunder Naval Forces; from someone who *actually* plays naval

That's right! We do exist! And goddamn, am I going to tell people about it!

I'm sick and tired of naval being constantly and relentlessly bashed by everyone, whether or not they actually play it. Well, here I am to give my own thoughts. Here are some of the biggest issues I have with naval

  1. Over compression of BRs: Over compression is present in all game modes, but I think it's especially prevalent in Naval. Just 15 BRs for 7 boat classes, and at top to mid tiers, you really start to feel it.
  2. Very poor economy: A 12 kill game in naval earns you about the same SL as a 3 or 4 kill game of air RB, or a 6 kill game of tank RB. And top tier heavy cruisers cost more RP than a 10.0 tank, and quite a bit more SL. Really hurts to grind that much
  3. Rigid meta and BR structure: This goes hand-in-hand with over compression. People are forced to play completely meta ships, or else they become completely worthless. If they don't have any meta ships? Well then tough luck, drop back down to a BR where you do, and grind with that. If you are stuck with the Clemson, or the Frunze, or the Omahas, then all you can do is sit there and be the free RP and SL pinatas to Helenas and Sumners.
  4. A terrible, terrible community: That's right! This is your fault too! People constantly complain and bash naval forces. Many people having never actually played naval forces. They see some negative comments on reddit, or maybe watch napalmratte rant for 10 minutes, and *boom* suddenly they're an expert on the subject. I have no top tier tanks, so I would never have any authority to complain about them. But apparently not those naval-haters! Some may have played naval, but generally for about 1 or 2 matches, before leaving and going to complain on reddit. I'm not going to gatekeep naval forces; "hur, you can only complain about naval if you've played it for 300 hours and have slit your wrists at least 12 times," but at least have some in-depth experience with it before complaining.
  5. More ranting about the community, because I'm not done yet: A certain very vocal minority(Though this could apply to War Thunder as a whole). If you've looked at the two recent devblogs, you might have seen a few select individuals asking for battlecruisers. Asking very incessantly, might I add. Those people are not new here. Based on a few people I've been talking to, they are rather well known in the Naval community, and indeed I know them personally… er… online, not personally personally. They've been going around various naval-based communities and ranting and begging for BCs. It might seem like they are numerous, but they really aren't. There's like, 3 of them. And they are really making us look bad. And a message if they happen to be here: It's not fucking working, so stop asking. Gaijin knows what you are doing, too. Battlecruisers might come this update, they might not. They are not allowed to tell you unless you see the devblog for them. And you people brigading the comment sections of devblogs asking for them is not going to make them come any quicker, so just stop. I won't go into why BCs won't work.
  6. Lastly: the Freccia P-494. For fuck's sake Gaijin, move it 4.7, it is not okay

That is all

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