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The ZSU-57 spawn cost makes no sense.

warthunder 4 - The ZSU-57 spawn cost makes no sense.

For some reason which likely doesn't make much sense, this spaa has a SP cost which rivals that of heavy tanks of the same Br, which can be up to 220 SP! But it's not like it is actually that dangerous. It's actually pretty bad at killing anything. Here is why.

Against aircraft:

  • Not only are planes much rarer at this tier, which makes very likely that spawning it for AA duty will just end up with you watching empty skies all game, but they are faster, more dangerous with many rockets but also less dumb. It's not like low tier games where hordes of clueless bad planes fly around at random. Arados or F-80's will come in flying low, often from the side and they will hit you.

  • The guns are like an M19 but bigger and worse. The fire rate is similar to 40mm bofors but due to the caliber and maybe the suspension, there is a lot more recoil which makes it very inaccurate. You can't just hold down the mouse or your shots will fly all over the place like stock hispanos. You also lack the pseudo alternating firing of the m19 and you have a pretty lengthy reload time which can be a pain. The shells fly quite fast but this doesn't matter most of the time due to how few of them are in the air and how hard it is to eyeball how much lead you need. The He filler is nice but frankly overkill. The Germans have much better hardware from rank 1.

  • The vehicle itself is very poorly armored. Despite being based off a T-54 chassis, the hull and turret are only 15mm of armor all around. This isn't enough to stop 12.7's, canons just slice through it. And it is open top as well so often, people don't even have to bother penetrating the armor. On top of all this, the vehicle can be hullbroken, which mean a single rocket is enough to complete destroy it, unlike the Coelian which is a full BR under. Oh and it's freaking huge. It is even bigger than a T-54. It's probably the largest radarless SPAA.

All in all, planes shouldn't be worried of this thing at all. Except if you go head on with it or if it gets lucky, it probably won't hit. Helicopters without ATGM's are pretty vulnerable however, but those most often get shot down by BMP-2's.


Against tanks:

  • Regarding the firepower, all of the issues seen above apply and then some more. While the guns have pretty high penetration, it isn't like a flakpanzer 1. You can't just shoot at anything from the front and expect to penetrate. Only light tanks and leopards turrets really are vulnerable at this angle. Only side and rear shots work can be expected to penetrate. And forget trying to use the full cyclic rate if you are further than 300m, except if you are ready to have more half of your 4 shot clip miss.

  • Almost everyone you face has heat, heat fs or HESH. Your entire vehicle will be hull broken if any of those shells hit your vehicle. If they are using APDS or rods, they still have a fair chance at killing you instantly because your breech is huge and also trigger hullbreak. And there is a ton of ammo laying around just for good measure.

  • The maps are much bigger at this tier than before. Sneaking on people when the maps are much bigger is pretty difficult, not only because you might encounter someone trying to flank your team but you might just be seen by someone in the middle of the fight and just get sniped. Kursk comes to mind.

  • The mobility is pretty good tho. It's not centauro or R3 tier but you can hold 40kph pretty easily. 50 if you fire your guns backward but that might get you noticed and eats ammo very quickly.

For a quick comparison, look at the BMP-1 at 7.3. It is just as fast, much smaller, fires ammo which is easier to aim further, it has smoke grenades and a smoke generator, it has scouting, it can pen about any vehicle it can face thanks to the ATGM's and heat fs shells and on top of all that, can cost as little as 90 SP to spawn in, compared to 150 for the ZSU.

To sum up, this vehicle is already at too high of a BR imo, slapping it with a heavy tank spawn cost just makes it artificially even worse.

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