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Theoretical Aircraft Carrier lineup on the four available navies

warthunder 6 - Theoretical Aircraft Carrier lineup on the four available navies

I just wanted to make a list of important ships to be added if a whole new class of ship was theoretically introduced. They could serve as a mobile spawn points, I figure they wouldn't be viable in shallow or tight maps. It would be great if just like airfields, planes could land there and get repaired. You could get points for being available for a repair and someone landing on you. I found they are often armed with defensive missiles or mortars, and many turrets. That could be toned down for gameplay. They're surprisingly fast. They're heavily armored. They should survive at least several torpedoes.

The United States Navy:

USS Ranger: first US ship designed as an aircraft carrier rather than repurposed. 769 ft. 29.3 knots. historically: 8x 127 mm AA, 40x 50 caliber MGs

USS Enterprise, CV-6: 820 ft. 32.5knots. Remember, the Royal Navy and The United States Navy loves naming ships after their own older ships. Latest iteration of CV-6(1945): 8x 38 caliber guns. 54x 40mm Bofors. 32x 20mm Oerlikons.

USS Yorktown, CV-5. 825 ft. 32.5 knots. from 1942 it was armed with 8x 38cal guns, 4x 75 caliber quad, 24x 20mm Oerlikons, 24x .50 caliber mgs.

(postwar stuff)

USS Midway, CV-41. 1,001 ft. 33 knots. Deployed ten days after the surrender of japan, utilized for the Vietnam War and used as the Persian Gulf flagship. Armed with 18x 54 caliber Mark 16s, 84x 40mm Bofors, 68x 20mm Oerlikons. towards the 70s, 2x RIM-7 Sea Sparrow launchers (S-A) and 2x Phalanx CIWS

USS John F. Kennedy, CV-67. A variant of the Kitty Hawk, a "supercarrier", and is the last conventionally powered aircraft carrier. 34 knots. Armed with 2x Mark 29 GMLS launchers (firing sea sparrow rockets), 2x Phalanx, 2x RIM-116 Rolling Airframe Missile launchers (S-A)

USS Enterprise, CVN-65. the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier. 33.6 knots. A beast at 1,123 feet long. Armed with AN/SLQ-32 Electronic warfare suite, (multi task defensive and offensive, from EMP to communication jamming ) Mark 36 SRBOC missile decoy, (like chaff); 3x Sea Sparrow, 3x 20mm Phalanx, 2x RAM

(70s to modern, if Gaijin ever takes us that far)

USS Nimitz, CVN-68. 1,092 feet. 31.5 knots. AN/SLQ-32A(v)4 countermeasures suite, SLQ-25A torpedo decoy; 2x Sea Sparrow, 2x RAM, 2x Phalanx, 4x Mark 38 25mm autocannon turrets, 10x .50 caliber emplacements.

USS Gerald R Ford, CVN-78, the newest. 1,106 feet. Capable of 30+ knots. 2x RIM-162 ESSM launchers, 2x RAM, 3x Phalanx, 4x M2 .50 mgs.

Royal navy:

HMS Courageous, R50. A powerful battle cruiser converted into an aircraft carrier by 1935. 786 ft. Capable of 30 knots. Armed with 16x QF 120mm Mark VIII guns (AA)


HMS Illustrious, R87. Served in the Battle of Salerno and part of the Battle of Okinawa. 740 ft, 30 knots. 8x twin-barrel 114mm dual purpose guns, 6x octuple-barrel 40mm AA guns.

HMS Implacable, R86. Assigned to British Pacific Fleet, attacked japanese naval bases. 766 ft, 32.5 knots. 8x QF 114mm, 6x QF 40mm, 40x Oerlikons.


HMS Eagle, R05, 812 ft. Took part in the Suez Crisis. Mostly used for excercises. 8x QF 116mm guns, 6x Seacat SAM launchers; and 61x 40mm guns before 1964.

HMS Invincible, also R05? Saw the Falklands war, the Yugoslav Wars, and the Second Gulf War. 689 ft, 28 knots, armed with 3x Goalkeeper CIWS and 2x GAM-B01 20mm close range guns.

HMS Queen Elizabeth, R08. Launched in 2014, 920 feet long. Capable of 25 knots. Still conventionally powered. Armed with 3x Phalanx and 4x 30mm guns, "various miniguns and GPMGs".

Soviet Navy: (all ships post war. They didn't make aircraft carriers until the late 60s.)

Moskva. Strictly a "helicopter carrier", Launched in 1965. Conventionally powered. Primarily for anti submarine warfare. 620 feet, capable of 31 knots. SA-N-3 Goblet SAM launchers, 2x twin barrel 57mm guns, 1x SUW-N-1 (anti submarine missiles), 2x RBU-6000 rockets, 2x 553mm torpedo tubes.

Kiev "aircraft cruiser". 896 feet, 32 knots. 4x Sandbox SSM launchers, 2x Shtorm SAM launchers, 2x Gecko SAM launchers, 2x twin barrel 76mm guns, 8x AK630 30mm CIWS, 10x 533mm torpedo tubes, 2x RBU-6000, and 1x SUW-N-1 ASW rocket launcher with 16 nuclear tipped rockets.

Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Kuznetsov. Originally just named "Riga". Considered a "heavy aircraft cruiser". 1,001 feet, capable of 29 knots. 6x AK630 AA guns, 8x CADS-N-1 Kashtan CIWS, 12x P-700 Granit SSM, 24x 8-cell 3K95 Kinzhal SAM VLS, and the RBU-12000 UDAV-1 rocket launcher.

The Ulyanovsk, their first nuclear powered carrier, was cancelled with the fall of the Soviet Union. Would have been 1,054 feet long, capable of 30 knots. Would have been armed with 12x P-700 Granits, Buk SAMs, 8x CADS-N-1 CIWS, and 8x AK630s. A similar design is currently under construction.

Germany: Kind of attempted one aircraft carrier. The Graf Zeppelin was launched despite being incomplete in 1938, but was not ready for service, short on anti aircraft armaments. The ship was scuttled by its own crew before the imminent failure of the german empire. The soviet union raised it and dicked around with it for weapons tests until it gave out.

I'll worry about the Japanese ships when Gaijin decides we finally earned the Imperial Navy 🙂

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