War Thunder

This event is sad, and seeing interesting vehicles being locked behind hundred of dollars…

warthunder 2 - This event is sad, and seeing interesting vehicles being locked behind hundred of dollars...

So yesterday I posted on this subreddit about my utter disappointment and anger about this cash grabbing event. And last night, I remembered why I hated it so much. Let me tell you a story about a game that I spent my childhood on: Roblox. Laugh all you want, and downvote if you hate it, but back in the early 2010s, Roblox was the shit. I was around 13-14 at the time, and I played the hell out of the game; joining multiple clans (or groups I think that what they called). I still fondly remember how I would spend hours in the Sword Tournament place, socializing with people on the other side of the planet, practicing my English at the same time. At the height of my time in Roblox, I was part of a group called TSE, a sci-fi space combat role-playing group focusing on frigate size ships (and cruisers, battleships, and what not). The experience was… unique. It was not found in any other game what-so-ever. It was free, and it was sure as hell great. Then… I stopped playing Roblox. I came to others games, BF4, Total War, ARMA. I grew up.

I started playing War Thunder in 2017, I was a total scrub. I was hooked by the Tiger 1 and my god did I spend an entire summer playing Arcade to unlock the Tiger… And as you all guessed, I got dildo-ed up in the ass by 6.7s. Got bored, played some other games. In 2018, I returned to this game, after watching a quite a few YTB videos by Phly. I decided to switch to RB. And I learned how not to get fucked.


At the same time, nostalgia brought me back to Roblox. I decided to come back and see what has changed in those 4-5 years. And I the feeling that I had, I tell you, is nearly the same as I felt yesterday. My childhood game, butchered, turned into some kind of business-infused fuckery. Playing places used to be free. Now, the creator can force a player to pay PREMIUM money to buy passes. VIP-status in places existed way back when, but it was like an upgrade, and you can play in places for free 100%. Now, it's the free places and then the fuckery-VIP-Door-Pass Early Access places. A free-to-play game, with a good paying options for players, turned into some kind of sick business testing ground for adults to lure kids in and manipulate them into buying Premium. I don't think if you can make real money out of those fake money you earned… but I felt too fucking sick to find out more.

Coming back to War Thunder, I have joined the top tier gameplay since the introduction of the M1 and T-64B. I have solid 10.0 line up in US, GER, and USSR (with a lacklusting 5.0 airforce but YAK-3P still works against jets :P). I LOVE THIS GAME. I FUCKING DO. It's just… seeing it being butchered by Gaijin slowly… This event being a cash-grabbing-marketplace-infused-fuckery… it's just sad that one day I'll have to move on to something else.

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