War Thunder

This Game has a Serious and Growing Problem: Premium Vehicles/Top Tier. (READ BEFORE YOU DV)

warthunder 4 - This Game has a Serious and Growing Problem: Premium Vehicles/Top Tier. (READ BEFORE YOU DV)

Before you down-vote and call me broke in the comments, please hear me out.

This game is wonderful. At it's core its a way for people to simulate playing their favorite tanks, planes, helicopters, and ships from history to modern day. There are many wonderful options and vehicles in every tree, with notable popular ones among the community. Examples of these would be:

Panzer F2, KV-2, M18 GMC, R3 T20, Tigers, IS-2, T-34 (American and Russian), Shermans, Mustangs and P-47s, IL-2s, the spitfire family and 109/190 family, ASU-57, the Zeros and 1.0-2.0 150mm meme cannons, AMX-13 (FL11), SA50 M4, etc etc.

I could go on and on about peoples' favorite vehicles in this game and how many are loved. Yet one thing seems more common now than ever before; the absolute NEED to get to top tier.

While some people love top tier (which is fine, everyone has preferences) more and more new players are coming to the game and seeing it as the end game. They come and see Top Tier as the final frontier, the place everyone needs to get to, and where all the action and fun is at. Even I was like this for a time, and grinded my little F2P Arcade playing ass off until I got my first jet (took months LOL).

I was inexperienced. I was bad. Going to RB was a huge challenge for me, and took a lot of time and effort. My love for these big hefty tanks and their big hefty guns kept me going however, and pushed me higher and higher into the different trees I played. I remember looking at the Begleitpanzer (which is now one of if not my favorite tank) and thinking, "I'll never get that." And I meant it. I knew it was possible, I just also knew it would take ages and I may never find the time.

Between getting my first jet aircraft after watching youtubers like Zetaris and Phly and finally getting the begleit, it was a surreal and awesome feeling. Many players DO NOT get this. Ever. While it is up to the player how their experience on War Thunder goes, it's severely disappointing to see the amount of players with 2-3 even 4 mid-top tier premiums in their top 5 performing vehicles.


The point of early to mid BRs is to not only give players a feel for the game and Segway them into more difficult and challenging vehicles, but also to be their own tiers. I mean to be their own experiences. Every tier every BR is a different experience and feel; my evidence being the vastly different BRs of the aforementioned popular vehicles. Every vehicle is their own experience, and to skip past most if not all of the tree by using a premium to get to top tier is not only cheating yourself out of many potentially great moments and vehicles you'll love; but is simply not how the game is meant to be played. It also gives a grindy mindset that creates toxic playstyles and practices (kill-stealing and spawncamping) and i'd go as far as to say as creates a divide in the playerbase.

It doesn't help that gaijinn has supported this by making higher and higher tier Premiums to select from and by making Premiums and higher tiers relatively easy to play. I'm not saying top-tier is easy, but between AAMs, stabilizer, thermal, and APFSDS; it kind of plays itself. I reiterate however, that does not mean it is not fun and people can't enjoy it.

All i'm saying is, there's more to be had in this game than top tier. Every tier every br every VEHICLE is it's own experience. They're all different. You're not doing anyone any favors (especially not yourself) by skipping 80-90 percent of the game.

TL;DR Every vehicle is their own experience, and skipping most if not all of a tree has only negative repercussions in the long run.

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