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Thoughts on World War Mode – Markers

warthunder 1 - Thoughts on World War Mode - Markers

World War Mode has been released and I've put down and collected some thoughts about the markers concern. Not even talking about the AB bombing assistance and all the other "mixing" issues.

A little premise is a must.

One of the basis of War Thunder is that pushes you into play more tactical and to develop battlefield awareness through steps: Arcade, then Realistic and in the end Simulator.

Some of the biggest requests upon War Thunder was the need of new gamemodes, since has passed years of just capping 3 circles. On the other hand there's been few events that gave a breath of fresh air, for example the highly appreciated Enduring Confrontation. Concerning the Ground Battles, an RB EC mode has been long awaited.

So here comes WWM where finally a step in the right direction has been made by Gaijin. A step that in their opinion accomodates both of the main modes that are the core of the game: Realistic and Arcade. But how? Blending the RB mechanics with the awareness of AB markers (yes, well, technically they're spotting markers and not the AB ones).

But the vast majority of the playerbase expressed their dissappoint about the markers in World War Mode even before its release.

Just on the Devblog there are countless comments about this general concern.

As an objective fact (just as Arcade Battles demonstrates) markers deny every attempt of tactic/flanking/ambush, and only benefits heavy armoured vehicles.

Also I'd like to remind that one of the many issues of the Youtube Cup (besides the technical and managing problems) was this weird mixture of Realistic mechanics with Arcade markers, and many criticized this aspect.


And just before you'll say that those are not Arcade Battles markers but just Spotting markers so they're quite small, they are still markers and tell the player where to look.

The main reason why a large portion of the playerbase choose RB is due to the many possibilities on how to face engagements: and this happens thanks to the lack of markers.

As also stated by many players, markers really emphasize the handicap on the asymmetrical gameplay that we have in WWM.

War Thunder even call itself a battlefield simulator, but how can it do it denying the main aspect of it: tactics.

The other side of the medal is this "Divide et Impera", Divide and Rule strategy that Gaijin is putting on the table to make sure its community fight eachother about the markers concern, splitting the playerbase in Pro/Anti-markers, Arcade players VS Realistic players and even Simulator ones. But why? This distract us on not focusing about a solution. They split the community instead of splitting the modes on WWM.

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So here's this compromise product that suit none of the two modes supporters.

I really hope that Gaijin will really listen to its community by deleting the markers and don't wait for the playerbase riots just as happened on Parts & FPE.

Personally I'm trying the mode and I'll submit my feedback soon.

But probably it's just my impression and you all are ok with the markers, I don't know, and I'd be glad to hear your opinion on the topic.

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