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Tier 6 (and beyond) jet homogenization is not a problem

warthunder 1 - Tier 6 (and beyond) jet homogenization is not a problem

Over the last couple days, lots and lots of people have suggested supersonic jets. Lots of people have suggested jets operated by more than one nation. Lots of people have been angry with these suggestions, because they would rather each nation get entirely unique aircraft.

Unfortunately, by the late 1950s, which is roughly where we are, the days of everyone developing their own aircraft were starting to go away. Ten years later, they were almost gone entirely. As we move forwards in time, the trees are inevitably going to start looking more and more similar. We have to start thinking in terms of different variants of aircraft for each nation, rather than entirely different aircraft.

A good example of this is the F-4 Phantom II. In the F-4 Phantom II, we find:

  • USN pure fighter (F-4A)
  • USN/USMC fighter-bomber with upgraded engines (F-4B)
  • USAF fighter-bomber with a different radar, upgraded engines, and provision for different weapons (F-4C)
    • USAF upgrade of the above with better radar/avionics (F-4D)
  • USAF fighter-bomber with a new nose, internal gun, radar, engines, weapons, and leading-edge slats (F-4E)
    • Japanese variant of the above without ground-attack capabilities (F-4EJ)
      • Japanese upgrade of the F-4EJ with new radar and ground/ship attack capability (F-4EJ Kai)
    • Israeli modernized variant of the above with new weapons and avionics (F-4E Kurnass 2000)
  • German light fighter-bomber variant without Sparrow capability (F-4F)
    • Upgrade of the above with a new radar and AMRAAM capability (F-4F ICE)
  • USAF dedicated SEAD variant (F-4G)
  • Royal Navy/RAF fighter-bomber variant of F-4J with more powerful Rolls-Royce engines (FGR.1/F-4K)
    • RAF upgrade of the above with British weapons capability (FGR.2/F-4M)
  • USN/USMC fighter-bomber with better engines, new radar, and a helmet-mounted sighting system (F-4S)

Those are some pretty big gameplay-relevant differences between variants of the same aircraft. Not ctrl-c, ctrl-v at all. F-104s, Panavia Tornadoes, MiG-23s, and even Eurofighter Typhoons can work the same way- as can many, many other aircraft.

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