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To my fellow Brit Mains – stop complaining

warthunder 1 - To my fellow Brit Mains - stop complaining

Right. Let's just set the record straight here, because i'm seeing it more and more the sub here and now even Gaijin is taking the piss out of us so it has to stop. I'll make this clear.

Gaijin doesn't have an anti British bias, so stop fucking saying they do. The key point is we just don't make them much money so there is less incentive to ensure the British tree is as stocked and running smoothly as the 'Big 3'. That isn't the same thing.

All this bitching and moaning is achieving is making the GENUINE complaints we have (of which there are many) lesser, because it becomes the boy who cries wolf. In this case, the player-base who complains about everything, even when we don't need to, For example:

Ground Forces BR 4.7 to 5.3, BR6.7, and BR8.3. We have VERY strong lineups at these BR's, with both well armed and decently armoured tanks, and bloody brilliant aircraft. the 17pdr is GODlike right now, the Spitfires are as brilliant as they've ever been.

Air RB we have a bunch of Spitfires which out-everything anything the Axis teams can bring at the equivalent BR. It isn't Gaijins fault that Allied teams don't stick together and Spitfires can be picked off in singles all over the map.

It is not a case that you have to be a sadist to play British vehicles anymore. We're just as badly off/well off in most respects as others. I used to think the sadist thing was true then I played up to BR 7 as Germans and Americans, and I realised all nations have their issues, that are cyclical and usually the meta favours one of the big 3.

A few other points:

  • Challenger 1 wasn't a great tank IRL, yes it was badly implemented which made it even worse in game, but don't expect miracles from it – it's shit because it wasn't great IRL. (Unlike CR2, anyone saying that isn't good is an idiot)
  • Full calibre AP shells are great, there is no damage issue, if you're struggling with killing stuff with them, that's on you chap. Learn to aim, we get high penetration so there must be some offset.
  • The Javelin was also not a great aircraft IRL for the WarThunder meta. Yes, it was made exponentially worse by shit modelling, but again, we shouldn't expect miracles.


All this is leading to the point that we DO have justifiable and annoying complaints (to pick a couple of the biggest):

  • Early Spitfires heat management
  • Really really shoddy implementation of Hispanios Incendiary and fragmentation effects, resulting in a shit damage model which fucks 90% of the British air tree
  • Repeated lazy modelling of British tanks and aircraft which makes a bad situation worse
  • Appalling modelling of the Hornet and Mosquitos' flight models, which makes two of the sweetest handling twins of their eras feel like bricks – especially compared to the Ta154 and Ju288 fantasy flight models (both of which I own and abuse, by the way)
  • Appalling modelling of HESH – it needs zero bounce, it needs a 360 blast effect (limited frag) and even more appalling APDS damage. These two things in particular making BR7 to BR9 British GF almost impossible to play very well with because we don't have any other ammo choices to cover our ass (like HEAT-FS)

In short, YES I KNOW, we have some really infuriating limitations that are linked to poor modelling and bad implementation of British weapons and vehicles. But ultimately this won't change soon because the British player base is small. If the Big 3 have similar issues, their players leave the game and it's unlikely they'll play another nation (there are some but they're the hard core). SO of COURSE Germany and the US and Russia get stuff fixed quick. It's impacting Gaijins bottom line more than a UK player issue will.

We (by that I mean YOU) can keep bringing up issues where justified and realise that we're kinda middle of the queue and accept that. We play because being a Brit main is awesome and so is the Commonwealth. What absolutely needs to stop happening is the over the top bitching and moaning about bias and about stuff that is unjustified, because it effectively ruins any REAL points we may have.

So. Fucking quit it.

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