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To the people who say the A-10 Warthog would be “useless” in War Thunder…

warthunder 7 - To the people who say the A-10 Warthog would be “useless” in War Thunder...

I recently saw a post about the possibility of the A-10 coming to war thunder. Since it entered service in 1979, and is relatively slow for a jet aircraft, it would be an easy vehicle to balance.

Pretty quickly, the nay sayers showed up. Except, none of them claimed the A-10 would be op. They actually said the opposite.

Many of them claimed the A-10 would be useless in game; it’s slow speed would handicap its already limited anti air ability, and it would get torn to shreds by radar SPAAG. Additionally, some said that the 30mm GAU-8 would be a non factor, as its penetration is insufficient to damage top tier tanks.

To begin, I’d like to address the A-10’s options against Radar SPAA. It’s pretty clear at this point that any aircraft that flys within shooting distance is going to get clapped by SPAA. This is not a disadvantage unique to the A-10. Any aircraft, a mig, an F-100, a heli, is going to be killed by SPAA in close range. Luckily, the A-10 can carry a weapon which effectively counters radar anti aircraft from a great distance: the AGM-65 Maverick. The A-10 can carry 6 such missiles; with a range of 22km and (depending on the variant) laser/Infrared guidance, it would be extremely potent against anti aircraft vehicles.

I’d actually argue that the A-10’s anti SPAA ability (facilitated by the AGM-65) alone makes it a worth while addition to War Thunder, but the gun would be very effective against tanks as well. The penetration of the DU armor piercing rounds fired by the 30mm exceeds 70mm at close range. Let’s be clear, this is not good penetration if your attacking a tank from the front. But, in a top down attack, 70mm is more than enough to perforate a tanks roof armor. This monster gun is supplemented by the aforementioned AGM-65, MK82 bombs, rocket pods, and 2 AIM-9 sidewinders. Which brings me to my next point…

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The A-10 would be excellent in close in dogfighting scenarios. Excellent maneuverability in combination with a high ROF gun and missiles would make it great at engaging helos; along with other low flying ground striking planes. The A-10 could loiter on the periphery of the battle space and shoot tanks and SPAA with the AGM-65s. Once the SPAA threat is reduced, it could make incursions into the combat area and drop bombs and fire rockets. If it finds a helo? Hit it with AIM-9s or top down attack it with the GAU.

All in all, I think it’d be a worth while addition to the game.

A-10 gun info: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/230785663_Dispersion_of_PGU-14_ammunition_during_air_strikes_by_combat_aircrafts_A-10_near_urban_areas

AGM-65 Info: http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/m-65.html

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