War Thunder

Translation from a live streaming with BVVD (Developer)

warthunder 4 - Translation from a live streaming with BVVD (Developer)

Here's the translation of some Q&A from a Live Streaming by alconafter with the Developer BVVD.

I'd like to thank again u/Ajdaha for the work of transcription!

I remind you that we are just translating. And most important, take these words with a grain of salt as it's NOT an official statement! 

Initially they agreed not to talk about undeclared things

…and the name of this tank is Challenger 2. I think we're waiting for even more modern equipments, the British love improvements…

Maybe yes. … Right now we're seeing the most advanced British tank.

So the BR-365A (the best projectile of war) will continue to break through the LFP (Lower Front Plate) ?

Maybe not anymore. Angle and penetration values have been changed.

As a test, they opened the Challenger 1 Mk. 2 (the ERA of the Challenger 1 Mk. 3 would have interfered with the results, so it seems that this version of the Challenger 2 won't equip its ERA package). It turned out that the BR-365A makes its way through from a Km away**

Will it receive nice shells?

Well, there are actually not so many options. There are the L26 and the L27. The L27 is a very modern projectile, and the L26 isn't so bad.

What's the armor value of the turret?

Well, we're just doing it now. (programming)

Isn't this classified?

There is a slight difference. Here's another question: "Everything is classified, how could you do it?" It is clear that it is not always possible to get completely accurate protection parameters, but sometimes you can even get them, it happens. Nowdays these tanks are still participating in conflicts, and with the mass distribution of videos, those give us information, and even the photos of the damaged vehicles. For the Challenger you can search photos from the production. Often you can find the protection requirements. Yes, of course, the newer the tank, the more difficult is, but that doesn't mean that we invent the values.

Why has been added a VII Rank?

Right now at the VI Rank there are quite a lot of tanks with very different characteristics, and there are already a lot of them.

Can we expect some new features from the VII Rank?

Yes, we can expect them. I’m not saying what it will be, I’m just saying what could have been done. For example a laser detection system.

Do you plan to extend the limits of the BR?

Well, we're gonna have to at some point.

Since we started talking about shells, I'd like to touch this topic a little. They're asking why early and late APFSDS have different damage? Does the DM13 damage better than the DM23?

I can't agree 100% with you without looking at the stats. I would say yes, perhaps, mistakes are not excluded, I can only say that we're gonna check this. Together with the introduction of a new formula (DeMarre), we set up ballistics and maintain the velocity of the projectile at a distance for those projectiles for which these data were available. So first you had the correct ballistics of the projectiles, check where it was wrong, fix it, and only then apply this formula. We will now conduct a revision and check that the level is standardized everywhere.

Well, I just heard that APFSDS are divided at least into long and short.

We have them there, yes, several, several presets and settings about damage and penetration values that are used.

And there's the variable about the residual (residual armor penetration)…

That's why, yes. Here I totally agree, because it just may be a case, but there's also the variable of the residual armor penetration. We're gonna check the addition.It was said that many misjudged the changes in the armor penetration values of NATO APFSDS. Although Armor penetration at 0° has been decreased, and increased at angle.

It has been asked frequently with the introduction of the T-72A: actually the T-72A is associated with the Kontakt-1 ERA.

Well, I would say that it is more expected on a model B.

Well, the Middle East versions are basically the M version.

Well, yes, the Syrian version is basically an A model. The question is, there will be Kontakt-1 on the T-72A?


I don't think on this particular vehicle.

Can we expect the T-72M as a Premium?

No comment.

Concerning the air defense system that we're waiting for…


moan of approval** Wait for the Devblogs. We generally would like to nerf the helicopters. Not that they should be zeroed, but rather make their tactics more similar to real life, and that they would no longer hover with impunity and fire. So, we can bring either SPAAG, as the Otomatic, and, in order to cover all ranges of destruction of the ATGM to the ground, we need vehicles equipped with missiles. Well, Soviet tanks are already doing their part.

With guided weapons…

Well, yes. American vehicles actually have those shells.

Well, the Americans have at least the Sheridan and the MBT-70.

Yes, but they still have at least a 120 mm cannon with a multi-purpose projectile, cumulative sub-caliber, with a proximity fuse. (Hint of entering the M1A1 with this ammo?)

Well, at the expense of the "Енисей" (ZSU-37-2), I think that too, if someday we're gonna have already a SAM… (six months ago, the streamer claimed a dev source and leaked the development of the Tunguska)

Well, let's see, it's possible that there will be too. But it will still have such a range, at the limit.

About the respawning of objects, are you aware of all these bugs?

Yes, we know. There is such a mistake in the work. This is the discrepancy between the client and the game server.There's no bug in the model with the ejection of the shell after the shooting of the munition in the T-80, this illusion is created by modeling the elements of the carousel (automatic loader).

Here I have a man on the stream who saying that MBTs without FCS are something unreal…

I just discussed yesterday about this issue with a consultant. To go into it, firstly, you need to understand how it all works, at a very deep level. Even this system has positive aspects, for example, how the warning system for laser will work.

I'm against this introduction, because we would very seriously lose the competitive component of the gameplay in the game.

I would say that this is controversial, the discussion on this field could go on for long; just for those tanks for which it is relevant, they have so good ballistics that, in principle, even now, hitting the target from 2 Km isn't such a big problem.

Why APDS damages with difficulty and APFSDS damages better?

It depends on what kind of armor is pierced and on the mass of the projectile.

Why we cannot change the helicopter loadout at the airfield?

I can't answer this question right now, it's necessary to clarify the questions about technical feasibility and balance.

There are questions about the new formula: why the American solid ammunitions pierce less than the ones with a filler?

Solid ones have a simpler construction and they don't have an armor-piercing cap.

There's such a big difference when shooting at 0° ?

Yes, as I understand it. It helps the body to mantain integrity for longer before it begins to collapse.

Here there's another question: is about the Japanese fleet.

Well, we have already answered this question, we want to introduce it in the first half of this year.

Regarding the rebalance due to values changes in armor penetration…

Yes, we understand, we need some time, at least a week. Now we're collecting the statistics.

V Rank Premium. What will happen to them when will come the VII Rank?

This has already been answered, I don’t remember exactly now, in order not to change what has been said, I will say that we'll do something with them.

About the "red breech" (firing with a damaged gun). Any new information?

No, but we're dealing with this issue.

What about the spotting mechanic?

On the low ranks this issue hasn't been resolved yet, but for high ranks, it could receive a serious increase in efficiency.

Question from the stream-chat about the BV-155 and the Me-309**

I think that something will happen even soon, but unfortunately, I don't have the opportunity to tell you something.

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