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Turning Italian Ground Tree into Minor Axis instead of Minor USA

warthunder 7 - Turning Italian Ground Tree into Minor Axis instead of Minor USA

So in the last patch or two, Italy got a bunch of American copy-paste tanks, which I personally find lazy and harmful for the authenticity of the matchmaker in RB and SB.

As you might know, Italy is tied with Germany in the matchmaker, so they can't ever be on the same team as US/UK, outside of rare mixed battles, despite most of their 4.7+ vehiles being of US/UK origin. This makes many battles in that BR range what one might describe as "Clone Wars".

This is especially apparent with the ongoing event, where 5.7 battles become Hellcat Thunder.

So instead of that I propose the addition of other foreign vehicles to Italian Ground Tree, but the ones which were actually used by Axis in WW2. Namely Hungarian and German tanks.

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38M Toldi light tank is already kind of in the game – Toldi is a Hungarian license-built Strv m/38.

Toldi I has a 20-mm anti-tank rifle.

Toldi II has the same gun, but increased armor.

Toldi IIa has a 40-mm cannon.

Toldi III also has a 40-mm cannon and further improved armor.

It would look something like this:

ra6btdmmjlg51 - Turning Italian Ground Tree into Minor Axis instead of Minor USA


Turan is a Hungarian take on Panzer IV.

40M Turan I had a 40-mm cannon and 50 mm frontal armor.

41M Turan II had a short 75-mm cannon, similar to Pz.IV F1 and 50 mm frontal armor.

43M Turan III had a long 75-mm cannon, similar to Pz.IV F2 and 80 mm frontal armor. Only one was built.


Zrinyi is a Hungarian take on StuG/StuH.

44M Zrinyi I had a long 75-mm cannon, similar to StuG III F. One one prototype was finished.

43M Zrinyi II had a 105-mm howitzer, similar to StuH 42.



40M Nimrod is a Hungarian license-built L-62 ANTI II, which is also already in game in the Swedish tree. It's armed with a 40-mm Bofors anti-air gun.


Hungary also operated a few Tiger I and Panther A by the end of the war. These would be represented by T-VI and T-V respectively and provide a competitive lineup at 5.7, while also staying on the Axis side:



And lastly, Italian Pz.III N and Pz.IV G, operated by Italian "M" Division:



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