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Update 1.88 ‘Balanced History’ Patchnote

warthunder 7 - Update 1.88 'Balanced History' Patchnote

War Thunder PRESENTS Update 1.88 "Balanced History"

In the update 1.88 ‘’Balanced History’’, emphasis has been made into historical accuracy. The game is now more historical than ever, with verified and well documented sources as well as historical mechanics !

Naval Fleet


  • USS Iowa

Germany :

  • Bismarck


  • Sovestky Soyuz

Great Britain :

  • HMS King George V

Japan :

  • Due to lack of informations and ressources, the IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy), will not be introduced this update.

Ground Vehicles


  • M1A1 (HA) (Premium)
  • M1A2

Germany :

  • Leopard 2A6 (Premium)
  • Leopard 2A7


  • Object 279
  • T-90A (Premium)
  • T-90B

Great Britain :

  • Vickers Mk 7/2 (Premium)

Japan :

  • Type 10 (Premium)

France :

  • Leclerc ‘Ares’ (Premium)
  • AMX-32 (105)

Italy :

  • C1 Ariete ‘Ariete’ (Bundle)
  • C2 Ariete



  • F4E Phantom

Germany :

  • Me 262 HG ‘II’


  • MiG-21

Great Britain :

  • Seafire Mk I

Japan :

  • Mitsubishi F-2

France :

  • M.B.162 Late

Italy :

  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.2003

Helicopters :

Italy :

  • A.129 Mangusta ‘Ariete’ (Bundle)

New locations and missions

  • Location for ground battles ‘’Paris – Champ Elysées’’
  • Location for naval battles ‘’Paris – Seine’’

Location and missions updates

  • Alaska – The city has been removed for better long range sniping.
  • Boulogne-sur-Mer – Now in Tier I map rotation.
  • Jungle – Now in Tier IV to VI maps rotation.
  • Ash River – Now in Tier IV to VI maps rotation
  • Carpathians – Now in Tier IV to VI maps rotation
  • Maginot Line – Removed from Tier IV to VI map rotation.
  • Wallonia – Removed from Tier IV to VI map rotation.
  • Stalingrad – The soviet side automatically win on this map.
  • Second battle of El Alamein – The Britsh side automatically win on this map
  • Berlin – The german side automatically lose on this map.
  • Avance to the Rhine – The german side automatically lose on this map.

Enduring Confrontation

  • Due to low popularity, Air AB EC is now disabled.
  • Due to low popularity, Air RB EC is now disabled.
  • Due to low popularity, Air SB EC is now disabled.

Ground Vehicle, model, damage model, characteristics and weaponry changes

  • M26, M46, M47, mKPz M47 G, M47 (105/55), M48, Magach 3, M48A2 G A2, M60 (all versions) – Mantlet thickness is now corrected (mantlet has been removed).
  • All german vehicles – The transmission and engine can randomely break at any moment.
  • Panther II – Has been replaced with the E50.
  • Tiger II (10.5 cm Kw.K) – Has been replaced with the E75.
  • Leopard 2A5 – Mantlet trunion has been removed.
  • T-34 (all versions) – A bug where the driver hatch could be penetrated has been fixed.
  • T-34 (all versions) – Driver hatch can now bounce shells superiors as 128mm.
  • BR-471D – Muzzle velocity has been corrected (800 -> 799.81673 m/s).
  • ZPRK 2S6 – Can now lock and use it's missiles on 6 aircrafts at the same time.
  • FV4202 – Turret amor thickness has been corrected (240/89/92 -> 92/89/240).
  • Challenger Mk.3 – The stock shell is now the L15A3.
  • Challenger 2 – The stock shell is now the L15A3.
  • Type 90 – Neutral Steering has been removed.
  • R3 T20 FA-HS – Max speed has been increased from 115 to 215 km/h.
  • R3T106 FA – Max speed has been increased from 115 to 215 km/h.
  • AUBL/74 – Max speed has been increased from 115 to 215 km/h.
  • AMX-30B2 BRENUS – ‘ERA’ has been added as a Tier 4 modification.
  • AMX-40 – Stabilization has been removed.

Aircraft model, damage model, characteristics and weaponry changes

  • Hispanos 404 – They haven’t been found, so they have been permanently removed from the game.
  • F9F (all modificatons) – BR has been changed (8.3->9.0).
  • Sea Hawk Mk.100 – AIM-9L has been added as a tier 4 modification.
  • CL-13B Mk.6 – AIM-9L has been added as a tier 4 modification.
  • Bf 109 (all modifications) – The roll rate is now the one of the Fw 190.
  • Fw 190 (all modifications) – The roll rate is now the one of the Bf 109.
  • Il-2 (all modifications) / Il-10 (all modifications) – Now use the flight model of the A7M2.
  • Tu-4 – BR has been changed (8.0->7.0)
  • Tu-4 – Max speed has been changed (642->874 km/h).
  • Tu-4 Climb rate has been changed (4.6-> 32.7 m/s).
  • Spitfire (all modifications) – If the WEP is used, the engine has now a slight chance to catch fire (100% chance is the current value).
  • Hornet Mk.III – Hispanos Mk.V has been changed to Hispanos Mk.I.
  • Javelin F.(A.W) Mk.9 – ‘New boosters’ modification has been removed.
  • R2Y2 (all modifications) – AIM-9E has been added as a tier 4 modification.
  • P.108A serie 2 – The plane can now suffer catastrophic damages if the 102mm cannon is used.
  • The Re series are now named Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.XXXX for better memes on Reddit.

Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes

  • Du to player feedback, the spawn points are now closer to each other.
  • A rollback will occur soon after the update 1.88 ‘’Balanced History’’
  • Any hit by any caliber taken by a torpedo will now detonate it.
  • USS Brooklyn – Rate of fire has been increased (10 -> 60 rounds per minute).
  • All german Destroyers – All HE and HE base fuse round has been removed. AP rounds are now the stock shells.
  • All german Light cruisers – A bug where the repair cost would be too low has been fixed.
  • 180mm ZS-32 – The wave effect is now 6km large.
  • HMNZS Leander – A bug where half of the cannon would shot straight has been fixed.

Economy and Research

  • For historical acurracy, each nation use it’s respective currency (dollars for US, rubbles for USSR, etc…). Silver lions are no more a currency and has been removed.
  • For historical accuracy, the price of a vehicle is now it’s real life price (for exemple, the F-100D now cost 697,029$). Likewise, the repair cost and the ammo cost are also their’s real life price.


  • Decals and Decorators slots has been increaded to 25.
  • Bushes pack (25) can now be bought for 2500GE.


  • If your country of origin has been in the USSR in the past, the only language available is now Russian for better relationship.

Game mechanics

  • The current BR system will not anymore be used. Instead a vehicle will encounter vehicles in the same service lifetime (for exemple, a plane which had a service lifetime between 1950 and 1974 will encounter other planes bewteen 1950 and 1974).
  • If your team lose, you will suffer a crew lock depending on how well you were placed ont the scoreboard (first place – 1min, second place – 2min, etc…).
  • In order to prevent spawnkill, if an enemy vehicle is near your spawnpoint, you won’t be able to respawn.
  • Due to players feedback, the altitude bombers are spawning at has been reduced :
  • Naval bomber / Dive bomber / Light bomber (3000m-> 1500m).
  • Heavy bomber / Strategic bomber / Long range bomber (4000m-> 2500m).
  • Sparking mechanic – if a shell spark, it now produced a bright light visible up to 17km and can knock out every pilot who see it. We are not responsible if a player retina is damaged.
  • New penetration formula – For AP, APC, APBC and APCBC shells, the Vladimir de Putin formula is now used. For APFS-DS shells, the Eltsine-Gorbatchev formula is now used.
  • All shells with explosive fillers – Post-pen efftect has been changed. It can now hullbreak any vehicle if the shell explode inside the vehicle (for exemple, the BR-420 of the 45mm can now hullbreak a Tiger II(H)).


  • The sun and it’s reflections are now brighter.

Known bugs

  • Sometimes, a rollback between 24 hours and 6 months can happen.
  • Sometimes, the player progression is completely lost.
  • Sometimes, the machinegun audio loop will not stop. Even if you close the game. And the computer.

Happy April Fool everyone !

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