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Its time for another 1968 US afv project, and this time its an SPG.

In short this was a self propelled gun with no gun traverse, nuclear protection and a liquid propellant gun. It was to be crewed by two men and had a strange automated loading system.

Concept no.12

Excerpt from description (Full stats and description available here):

" Concept Description and Design Rationale

(C) This is a concept design study of a self propelled 155 mm howitzer that provides a measure of nuclear protection to the two man crew. The intent of this study was to explore the design problems and operational constraints involved in providing nuclear protection for the crew in this type of vehicle.

(C) The weapon is somewhat similar to the concept previously described. However, in this study it was envisioned that liquid propellant could be developed. This would simplify the propellant zoning problem. It was further envisioned that a universal fuse could be developed. The projectiles are automatically loaded from an endless conveyor. At a point in the line with the breech, the belt is lowered for loading alignment, and then raised to provide recoil clearance. "

Attatched drawing

Previously published concepts:


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