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Vehicle Reward Multiplayer analysis

warthunder 5 - Vehicle Reward Multiplayer analysis

Hello everyone, following the futur change of SL rewards I decided to look at the evolution of vehicle reward multipler (VRM).

What is VRM?

All the vehicles has a reward multipler, this multipler is pretty straightforward: available SL = SL earned * RM. You can see that on each vehicle cards.

What did you do?

I took the planned modification in
484450 planned changes to the research trees and economy - Vehicle Reward Multiplayer analysis

April 2020 and the April 2021. You'll see that there is columns called "Old multipler" (A/R/SB), I took the old for the April 2020 (to have a bigger history) and the new for April 2021.


In the Sheet you'll see the data (2020, 2021 sheets). I then removed vehicles that were not in the 2020 data. Why? Because else I won't have any change and it'll biased the result.

The "Analysis" sheet is where you'll have the differences :

  • Δ A/R/SB VRM 2021-2020 : absolute change in the RM. If the RM was 1 in 2020 and now 0,5 in 2021: you'll have -5 *
  • Δ% A/R/SB VRM 2021-2020 : you'll have the percentage of changes.

I need to explain that one. The absolute change doesn't make much sense that way, percentage is more clear. The formula is (1SL * old RM)/(1SL * new RM)-1.

  • 1SL * old RM : for 1 SL how much the vehicle will actually give me with the old RM.
  • 1SL * new RM : for 1 SL how much the vehicle will actually give me with the new RM

For example let's take two extreme examples in SB, let's say we'll earn 1SL.

  • M8 HMC :
    • old SB VRM = 0,9
    • new SB VRM = 0,2

In 2020 I would receive 900 SL while in 2021 I would receive 200. So it's a – 78 % (900/200 – 1) difference!

  • Ki-27 otsu
    • old SB VRM = 0,7
    • new SB VRM = 3,1

In 2020 I would receive 700 SL while in 2021 I would receive 3 100. So it's a + 343 % difference!

What are the limits?

  • I tried to compare to the repair cost of the vehicle, but I wouldn't put much faith in it. The problem is that comparing thing directly without more data is always tricky. And Gaijin use that to balance stuff. For example if a vehicle repair cost increase and reward decrease it doesn't mean it's worst, it could have got a lowered BR thus win more and so more SL (winning is the mos important).

  • I obviously don't have all the data. It'll be interesting to see the evolution for more than one year. And also compare with repair cost (as I said before).

  • I don't have the BR/Tier of the vehicles, and I'm honestly too tired to get them, but if people want to participate do tell me. So you'll only have the gross average. I did separate the difference forces.

Here the synthesis : I suggest you check this
picture the colour makes it more obvious

TypeΔ AB Repair 21-20Δ RB Repair 21-20Δ SB Repair 21-20Δ AB VRM 21-20Δ RB VRM 21-20Δ SB VRM 21-20


We can globally say that we have more repair cost and less SL reward.

Two cases are exotics:

  • HAB (Heli AB) : we can see a decrease of repair (- 7 %) and an increase of RM (+ 11 %)
  • NRB (Naval RB) : we can see that the increase of repair (+ 24 %) is compensated by a better RM (+ 78 %)

For the others it's quite gloomy, we have increase repair & decrease reward.

  • AF : the biggest hit globally speaking. Big increase of repair (19 % to 33 % !) and biggest decrease of reward expect SB which is stable (-1 %). ARB took a big hit : + 20 % repair and – 16 % RM. It's almost a double punishment, you get 20 % repair and lose 16 % reward.

  • GF globally get higher repair (+ 24 % ~ + 17 %) and not a big decrease of reward (- 6, 4, 5 %). AB get more repair cost.

  • HF : not a big decrease globally speaking. AB actually got better. However

  • NF : the only mode which globally get a positive change. It's only because of the big increase of reward in RB. We do see however that SB got an amazing nerf (+ 46 % repair, + 1 % reward), it's in the absolute value the worst change. AB is kind of stable.


More repair cost, less reward. Air Force got a big hit since April 2020, most of the mods got both a nerf in repair and in reward only SB avoid less reward.

I must repeat: look at this with care it's far from perfect and honestly a bit of witchcraft works. I'm not very sure of my method, don't hesitate to give me your feedback.

pubhtml - Vehicle Reward Multiplayer analysis

Sheet in presentation mode

Sheet for data download and comment

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