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warthunder 4 - VT5 Light Tank

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VT5 is a Chinese export light tank. It differs from the ZTQ-15 in its armor package, with the most visual difference being the curved front plate, whereas the ZTQ-15 has a flatter sloped front plate. In game it would feature a different armor package to differentiate it from its domestic version. It could be at 10.0 battle rating, mostly due to the following features.


The 105mm gun is autoloaded, and can fire modern APFSDS rounds. It is capable of firing all NATO 105mm tank rounds, but mostly uses Norinco developed rounds, such as the BTA2 APFSDS round. It can also launch 105mm tandem warhead ATGMs up to 5 km. Secondary armament consists of a 40mm grenade launcher, a 12.7mm machine gun, and there are even provisions for a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

The tank's passive protection system automatically launches smoke launchers if it detects the vehicle being illuminated by lasers. It also features CITV and gunner's thermals, and naturally, the gun is also fully stabilized.

Armor consists of a basic welded steel hull and turret, but add on armor is an option for the vehicle, consisting of passive composite armor or explosive reactive armor. It also features some cage armor for protection against ATGMs. It has NBC protection and an automatic fire suppression system comes standard. Despite this, armor protection will not be able to stand up to modern main battle tank rounds, being a light tank.

Mobility is supplied by a 1,000 hp engine, propelling the vehicle up to 70 km/h for 450 km, which can be extended by the addition of external fuel tanks. It is lightweight and able to be transported by air, and can be used in mountainous areas. This is done with the thought that in a war with India, Indian T-72s and T-90s would not be able to cross mountainous areas due to their weight, as well as thin air causing their engines to lose power.

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  • Crew – 3 (Gunner, commander, driver)
  • Mass – 33-36 tons depending on the armor package
  • Length – 9.2m
  • Width – 3.3m
  • Height – 2.5m


  • Main gun – 105mm rifled gun
  • Ammunition stored – 38 rounds
  • Secondary armament
  1. 7.62mm Type 86 machine gun
  2. 12.7mm QJC-88 machine gun
  3. 40mm QLZ-04 grenade launcher
  4. 2 sets of 3 smoke grenade launchers


  • Engine – FX0012 1,000 hp diesel engine
  • Maximum speed on road – 70 km/h
  • Range – 450 km


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