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Wanna save money? Here’s how you can grind the new Tier 6 jets with a Tier 1 talisman instead of a $60 premium.

warthunder 5 - Wanna save money? Here's how you can grind the new Tier 6 jets with a Tier 1 talisman instead of a $60 premium.

First off, this only works if you don't have everything researched. If you do, I'm sure you can manage the grind without cheeky tricks like this.

Ever since the removal of the RP cap, you can use Air Simulator Battles (Enduring Confrontation) to essentially remove the reward penalty you get for researching e.g. a Tier 5 vehicle using a Tier 1 vehicle. Now hear me out, you do not need to be a good sim pilot to make use of this, I myself can't even effectively kill the stationary Howitzers on the ground.

Here's how it works:

Due to the 3-hour length of Air SB matches, post-match rewards are ridiculously high. I've been consistently cashing out over 100k RP per match for around 2 hours of gameplay, and that's way more than you need to unlock low tier plane. Now as I'm sure most of you know, and this is the important bit, after you unlock a vehicle, you can place the excess RP into any vehicle from any tier without penalty.

As for where you should be putting your talisman, bombers with good defensive capability are the way to go. They're easy to fly in Air SB, you just need to find the sweet spot on your "mouse joystick" for it to fly straight after you've taken off, and from there you can control it with WASD from Gunner view. Speaking of Gunner view, it's exactly the same as in AB and RB, just point and click. Very easy to get kills with as SB pilots generally don't fly anywhere near as evasively as they do in other gamemodes. Just keep in mind that if you do take a hit, you're going to need to readjust the position of your "mouse joystick" to account for the added drag of your damaged wings. There's no instructor in SB.

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Do mind the BR of the bomber you want to talisman, as Air SB uses spawnpoints which you need to spawn anything above the minimum BR in a room. For example, if you want to fly the B-25J-20 (4.3) in a room which BR range is 3.7-4.7, you'll need to kill players, ground units, and complete objectives to gather enough spawnpoints to do so. However, if you bring the B-25J-1 (3.7), then it's bottom BR and you will be able to spawn it again and again without having to worry about spawnpoints.

Here's a step-by-step incase I was unclear about something:

  1. Talisman low Tier bomber

  2. Select plane 1 tier above or below for effective research

  3. Play Air SB, bomb and shoot everything you can

  4. Rake in a metric fu*kton of blue lightbulbs

  5. After unlock, dump excess RP into Tier 6 jet

  6. Re-select another low Tier plane to rinse and repeat

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