War Thunder

War Thunder and Addiction

warthunder 3 - War Thunder and Addiction

To preface: I know a lot of people here are probably not "addicted" perse, this message doesn't really go to you. I know some people are going to feel the need to say "it's only not fun if you suck" or something like that and that may be true, but even good players are frustrated and experience addictive tendencies. I'm also not here to hate on the game, it's players or community.

Simply put, this is just a PSA and a shout out to those who are feeling the deep hole of addiction with this game and other F2Ps like it (WoT etc). It's okay to admit you're addicted and it's okay to not unlock the next tier right now. This feeling you're having, being frustrated, on repeat, feeling guilty, maybe some buyers remorse, all of those thoughts and emotions running in your head until you click on to the next battle so you can get to T5 on the new country you're playing before Friday when your Premium runs out (for the n'th time) or so that you can top off the 10 mission booster you bought.

I'm simply here to say it's okay to put it down, let the boosters run out, maybe uninstall and get back to it in a few weeks. The game is a beauty but it is engineered to cause this feeling. Some will say "they need a way to make money", this is true, but they can make money with other people for now and they also make much more money than most companies their size so it's okay to critique or at least be honest and open about the methods used on all of us. If you're feeling the constant pull, it's ok, put it down.


I'm a recovering addict myself (4 years sober) and I've learned a lot about the psychology of addiction and recovery in my sober time, mainly about what makes me recede into old, nasty habits. To be completely honest, the F2P games are actually the most regressive lifestyle loops that I've experienced in my 4 years of sobriety, I have to very carefully manage the amount of time I can dip into these with caution. Which is actually the craziest part, because of that I lose a lot time in the "grind", but my health benefits.

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Here's a great post by a stackoverflow user about addictive video games, there's even a War Thunder shoutout in it: https://psychology.stackexchange.com/a/13121

Good luck to everyone! Happy gaming, but health first!

*EDIT* I really appreciate the nice words in response to this post 🙂

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