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War Thunder’s real problem is that players have to compete against their own team for RP

warthunder 2 - War Thunder's real problem is that players have to compete against their own team for RP

Gaijin seems to be deadset on minimising any incentive to work with your team.

There are some wagers and daily tasks where your biggest risk of failure is your team being too good. But that's not biggest thing, the reward system is completely fucked and encourages greed rather than actions that help the team.

The reward for kills need to be reduced, the reward for assists boosted, and the definition of an assist need to widened massively.

The concept of "kill stealing" isn't in the gameplay, it's in the rewards. Battlefield 4 had a clever little thing where players got a kill for dealing 90% of the damage, regardless of who delivered the killing blow.

  • Bait an enemy into your team's firepower? ASSIST. This includes flying over friendly SPAA in GRB.
  • Escort a bomber? ASSIST, for every base it destroys.
  • They might not be permanently destroyed, but I think damaging someone enough that they return to base for several minutes should be an assist.
  • Destroy an enemy on a teammate's tail? KILL + ASSIST.
  • Delivering the finishing blow against something which is effectively disabled already? ASSIST.
    • Seriously if it's got four engines on fire and all control surfaces destroyed, why is the kill going to the dude who puts a 7.7mm through the pilot?
      • Basically a very mild way of discouraging people diving and wasting energy against something that is gonna be dead in 30 seconds anyway.
    • For ground vehicles, it'd need a lot of complicated rules but I reckon something along the lines of 'player who has both immobilized and rendered it incapable of shooting' and if no one fits that description, 'player who killed most crew members' and if there's a tie just give them all the kill.
  • Penetrate a target within 300 milliseconds of it being destroyed? ASSIST. You tried! No rewards on penetration failure, so that SPAA can't feed on targets they couldn't have destroyed themselves.
  • RP for scouting because holy shit the SL reward is pathetic.
  • Small rewards boost for actions taken while inside a cap point when all caps are owned. Instead of basecamping, it's more rewarding to let them come to you. Give that a double whammy by reducing rewards against targets inside their base.

Also a host of new rewards for other good actions.

  • Successfully block shots with your vehicle that would have penetrated an ally? "Castle"
  • Push or tow a damaged ally into cover? "Evacuation" awarded after they finish repairing and stay alive for an extra 15 seconds or something.
  • Pop smoke? "Cloaked" for every near-miss made by the enemy against a damaged ally.
  • Shoot smoke at a camper? "Blinded" for obscuring heavy tanks and SPGs that are within your line of sight, who have not moved a significant distance for a period of time, and have fired upon your team in the last several minutes.

This was so quick to write. There are just so many ways that Gaijin could improve the game experience just by taking rewards away from kills
N0nEYLs - War Thunder's real problem is that players have to compete against their own team for RP

redistributing it to non-selfish actions. And most of these actions would be pretty easy to detect through code.

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