War Thunder

Was just filling out the 1.83 Survey…

warthunder 4 - Was just filling out the 1.83 Survey...

And as I was writing out my feedback, I realized its probably really unlikely that I hear anything back from Gaijin or that I would even see changes show up in game, so I thought I'd post some of the questions I asked in the hope that someone is in the know.

TLDR; Does anyone know the answer to question 2?

Are you comfortable with the mechanics of Naval Battles?

My response/opinion follows:Most of the crew skills and battle mechanics are pretty clear.

The stuff that ISN'T clear and needs a bit more work:

1) Crew status. specifically how many men you have against your total (not just the percentage report). When you hit an enemy, you can see something like "210/347 sailors". We should have this same number for our own ship.

2) Its also unclear how dead crew effects the ship. If I have half the sailors I started with, are all aspects of the ship just given a 50% penalty? Or does the location of damage and dead crew affect specific functions of the ship differently?

For example, Lets say my engine room just got hit and killed 50 sailors, but by some miracle (it happens) didnt cause any damage to the engine itself. Will my turrets also fire slower because of the lost crew? Or is just the engine performance going to suffer since it's just the "engine crew" that is now dead?


I also left some addition thoughts at the bottom of the survey, and I'm really curious to know if I'm totally alone in this opinion or if anyone else feels the same way.

Please leave your own questions and suggestions about the update here.

The game is definitely headed in the right direction. There are only 2 improvements that I would recommend.

a) Each match should naturally take a bit longer to complete. Right now Its possible to select a slow destroyer (<20 mph) and have the match end before you can even reach any objective points. The amount of "points" needed to win should either be increased, or the rate of earning objective "points" should be slowed down.

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b) This isn't to big of a problem in Arcade, but its a real challenge in Realistic. Right now, in order to accurately range your guns you have to middle mouse click and "select" the target. You then of course need to lead your shots correctly. If the center of your reticle happens to land on a different ship while trying to lead the shot for your original target, the targeting system will automatically switch your selection and range your guns to fire at the other target. We need a "lock target" function or something similar.


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